Practice self-love this Valentine’s with these awesome same-day deliveries

From booze to food to skincare, check out stores that can help you

Grand gestures of love don’t always need to be for someone else, they can be for ourselves too.

But if Cupid forgot to ping his arrow at you as a reminder, then you’ll have woken up this morning not realising it is February 14.

Fear not though, it’s 2021. And in today’s world, you don’t have to wait for snail mail to arrive.

So, grab a gift from one of these awesome companies that will deliver to your door today and pretend like you’ve been planning the whole surprise for weeks.

[Credit: Shop Cuvée]


A bottle of booze from the offy is all very well, but cheap vodka loses its charm after a while.

Why not take a peek at Shop Cuvée and Peckham Cellars instead?

Shop Cuvée promise to ‘free you from the shackles of the weekly shop’ by offering subscription boxes and will deliver anything from a magnum of natural wine to a pre-mixed cocktail from one of the city’s top bars to most of north and east London.

Meanwhile, Peckham Cellars delivers an eclectic selection of bottles free of charge to anyone south of the city to honour their ethos that ‘nothing beats a good glass of wine’.

[Credit: Petalon]

Bloomin’ Marvellous

It’s hard to go wrong with a bunch of flowers to brighten up someone’s mood.

Boasting a choice of seasonal beauties, take a peek at Petalon. With a seven-days-per-week delivery service, all of their goods are wrapped in biodegradable or recyclable material. Better yet, they also donate to bee and tree charities to invest back into the natural world.

If you want a bouquet with a few extras, then try Appleyard. Their bunches have a long shelf life and can be ordered with champagne or candles for some extra va-va-voom.

Alternatively, try Floom (Deliveroo for flowers), where you can browse independent florists by location for a swift arrival to the door.

[Credit: The Supermarket of Dreams]

A Tasty Treat

If you’ve done enough drinking in lockdown to last a lifetime, then you might prefer to gift some good nosh instead. Only this time, it doesn’t involve your JustEat account.

Why not have a Google of The Supermarket of Dreams in Notting Hill, described as ‘heaven in a shopping basket’.

Having collaborated with the country’s best independent foodies, they offer a delectable range of goodies from Neal’s Yard cheese to perfect cuts of meat to artisan chocolate.

If you follow the ‘bigger is better’ philosophy, then Theo’s Fresh Produce has your name all over it as they offer hampers filled with Italian produce that will leave you salivating.

[Credit: Gail’s]

Sweet tooth

Let’s face it, nothing says ‘love’ more than breakfast in bed.

For your chance to nab some luxurious treats, get clicking on Gail’s website. This world-class bakery offers a stunning selection of fresh bread, pastries and cakes via Deliveroo.

To go the extra mile, you can also have a gander at Kova as this Japanese/French patisserie really does have some incredible creations from classic pain au chocolats to Oreo crepés!

[Credit: The Grocery]

Because You’re Worth It

Booze, food and flowers might not be quite exciting enough for the hard-to-please crowd, so what about some skincare instead?

Get lost down The Grocery rabbit hole, with their luxurious array of health and beauty products from posh brands REN, Sukin, Dr Bronner, and Faith in Nature.  

They also have food options and gorgeous candles to get the V-Day vibes going.

Good luck last minute shopping!

And you’re welcome.

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