Can your kid take on The 50 Yard Challenge to help their community?

The 50 Yard Challenge is helping young people on a positive path

Keeping kids motivated, educated and also having fun is quite the juggling act.

Though one team has come up with the perfect solution to honour this holy grail, by teaching boys and girls to recognise their value in society – one garden at a time.

The fab folk over at Raising Men Lawn Care Service are inspiring young people to recognise their efforts are more than just hard graft and can actually impact the world around them.

[Credit: Raising Men Lawn Care Service]

They do this by inviting children and teens to maintain yards in their local areas. Notably, the service is offered to the elderly, people with disabilities, single mothers and veterans, who do not have the time, resources or money to manicure their own gardens.

But while community spirit might be enough to get parents interested, what’s in it for the kids?

Well, recruits can earn themselves a black belt! Sort of.

[Credit: Raising Men Lawn Care Service]

It’s all thanks to the 50 Yard Challenge, which challenges kids to cut 50 lawns in their area – all free of charge so they can give back to the neighbourhood.

When a child signs up, they start off with a white shirt and then graduate onto other colours as they climb the ladder towards success in a similar set-up to the karate system.

This means, for every 10 lawns cut, they receive a new colour shirt; with 10 lawns resulting in an orange one, 20 lawns earning a green, 30 getting blue, and 40 securing a red.

[Credit: Raising Men Lawn Care Service]

Once they hit the magic 50, participants will win a black shirt to honour the fruits of their labour as they become ‘a black belt’ at mowing lawns.

They’ll also be gifted a brand-new lawnmower, weed-eater and a blower.

While the initiative kickstarted in the US, it is open to everyone worldwide. To get involved, simply send a photo of your child holding a sign saying, ‘I accept the 50 Yard Challenge’, and in return, they’ll receive a white shirt along with shades and ear protection to get started.

For more info, click here: Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

[Credit: Raising Men Lawn Care Service]

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