Is this the secret to wiping out school bullying forever?

How a little cow called Moozie is helping kids understand kindness

Be kind to yourself and to others. Sounds simple, right?

Only somewhere along the way, a lot of us forget these basic principles.

That’s why one little cow is coming to the rescue!

Meet Moozie, helping boys and girls understand the importance of kindness so that it is second nature by the time they reach school when bullying usually kicks in.

[Credit: Children’s Kindness Network]

Moozie’s life began when Ted Dreier, founder of the Children’s Kindness Network, realised that a talking robotic cow he had made as a garage project was a hit with the kids he worked with.

“Our mission is to bring kindness values and reduce bullying before it begins.”

Ted Dreier, founder of Children’s Kindness Network

He then set about exploring ways to ‘employ’ Moozie into the work he does, creating joy in a world where currently 160,000 kids do not go to school each day because of being bullied.

Speaking about his organisation, Ted said: “Bullying ruins lives. We do not have to accept bullying as just ‘part of growing up’. We need to reach these kids with kindness values.

“Later in life, bullying can affect marriages, parenting and the workplace. Stopping it before it begins at the foundation level, that is where Moozie comes into a child’s life.”

[Credit: Children’s Kindness Network]

He continued: “Our mission is to bring kindness values to young children, with a focus to try and reduce bullying before it begins.

“Moozie the cow is our mascot; what we discovered was when Moozie talked about kindness, children really paid attention.”

While Moozie may only be a robot, she has plenty of life in her with a series of pre-programmed messages and songs that coordinate with her movements.

Her kindness presentations can be tailored to fit Moozie’s surroundings, depending on whether she is visiting a pre-school, church, hospital or garden party.

[Credit: Children’s Kindness Network]

Alongside Moozie, the company also reach children through a variety of music, literature, and live presentations as they strive to prevent bullying.

Not only this, but Ted’s innate passion is also what drives him to give kids a better life.

He said: “I visited a young man in jail every week for over a year. I had to think about how his life might have turned out differently if Moozie had been in his life when he was a child.

“The result, in 1998 I stepped back from the corporate world at the age of 60 and committed this new chapter of my life to teaching children kindness – paying rent for being on the planet.”

Like a flower, kindness blooms where planted.

For a shot at meeting Moozie, click here: Children’s Kindness Network.

[Credit: Children’s Kindness Network]

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