The stars of tomorrow: Street performers turn YouTube sensations

Covent Garden is helping local musicians build their fanbase

Once upon a time, you needed to be in the right place at the right time to be spotted by the right A&R guy if you wanted to become the right kind of star.

Now, with the wonders of YouTube, all you need is pure, unadulterated talent.  

A group of street performers are discovering first-hand the powers of the digital platform, having been given the opportunity to play music online to nearly half a million followers.

[Credit: Nick Page]

It’s all thanks to London’s Covent Garden splashing the artists across their social media channels to help the aspiring stars reach an audience that might otherwise not have heard of them.

Each week, the Covent Garden social media manager asks people to choose a song, which then gets played by a different musician each Sunday before being posted online.

To kickstart the initiative, Rob Falsini was first to grace their YouTube, Facebook and Instagram profiles last weekend with his Valentine’s Day treat.

[Credit: Covent Garden / Facebook]

Rob, who is somewhat of a regular in Covent Garden having performed there since 2004, gave glorious renditions of Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved and Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars as social networkers praised his efforts and even said he was better than the originals.

As well as having their videos celebrated by the city’s most prestigious cultural and fashionable area, all of the musicians’ personal social media links and Spotify channels will feature alongside their performances so they can begin to build a new fanbase.

The Covent Garden team have been busy hatching other ideas on how to keep people connected during the ongoing pandemic, including hosting regular competitions on Insta where they offer prizes to winners from local shops such as florist Fiona Fleur and Happy Socks.

Their website is also a haven of information, from learning how to cook the perfect pancakes to virtual shopping opportunities to growing your own veg at home.

In addition to this, they have teamed up with Thortful for a series of cards that will see all proceeds generated from sales going straight to Covent Garden Food Bank.

To fall down the rabbit hole of ideas, click here: Covent Garden.

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