Incredible bakery is helping rehabilitate young offenders

The Dusty Knuckle in Dalston, London is transforming lives

If you’re bored of the same four meals you’ve been making on rotation throughout lockdown, then it might be time to try something new.

And we have the perfect place to tantalise your tastebuds.

Not only does The Dusty Knuckle make knockout food, they are also doing incredible humanitarian work that your pennies can help support.

[Credit: The Dusty Knuckle]

Their primary goal is to train young offenders into responsible professionals so that they can live with dignity and contribute to society.

The staff also donate goods to frontline workers, doing drop-offs at hospitals to gift NHS comrades fresh bread and pastries.

The only catch if you want in on the action, you will need to be a Londoner to swing by or at least pay a visit to the city.

Their range of products will leave you salivating for more, with generously packed chicken Caesar sandwiches, Tuscan bean soup, and roasted Jerusalem artichoke sarnies for vegans.

[Credit: The Dusty Knuckle]

Ordinarily, there are also heavenly pizzas to transport you to Cloud Nine, though currently they are open for pre-order on small items only to manage crowds during social distancing.

Based in trendy Dalston, the bakery was founded back in 2014 by childhood pals Rebecca Oliver and Max Tobias – before they were later joined by third Musketeer, Daisy Terry.

Rebecca and Max quit their jobs and began selling bread out of Max’s flat, using her expertise from the culinary world and his experience of being involved in youth crime to create not only a shop to sell tasty treats but one that doubles-up as a rehabilitation programme.

[Credit: The Dusty Knuckle]

Speaking about their mission, Max said the project is a perfect fusion of Rebecca’s chef skills, his work helping young people, and Daisy’s knowledge of the hospitality industry.

Max said: “Those we help will not only learn to bake, but also learn how to be a human in the real, working world.”

In an interview with Chomping Ground, he added: “I think for the kind of young people I want to reach, charity is perhaps no longer the right way to be looking at the problem.

“Actually, maybe they don’t need charity but what they need is self-esteem and prestige and a feeling of self-sustainability. I think charity makes you feel the opposite of that.”

[Credit: The Dusty Knuckle]

The dream team also offer bakery classes where you can learn to knock-up warm, fresh bread and discover how to work with pastry for your own personalised croissants.

What’s not to love?!

For more info, click here: The Dusty Knuckle.

[Credit: The Dusty Knuckle]

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