Play your part to end homelessness with ‘Sleep Out to Help Out’ scheme

There are 86,000 young people homeless in the UK right now

Wiping out homelessness may seem like an upward battle.

Yet a brilliant ‘Sleep Out to Help Out’ scheme is helping to tackle the issue.

The powerful event, taking place on March 11, is inviting people to brave one night outside to prevent young people from having to do the same day in and day out.

[Credit: LandAid]

In previous years, the project has encouraged participants to camp alongside rough sleepers to really grasp the reality of living on the streets.

However, due to social distancing, for the 2021 fundraiser people will now head out to their garden, patio, balcony, or even the bath or kitchen floor if they have no outdoor space.

In addition to this, participants are asked to raise over £150 to take part, with all funds going towards the fight of banishing youth homelessness.

Hosted by LandAid, who formed in the 80s after being inspired by Bob Geldof’s Live Aid, they now connect property professionals with homeless projects to create opportunities for young people.

[Credit: Nick Fewings / Unsplash]

One of this year’s top fundraisers, who has so far pooled an impressive £4,653 from sponsors, has already helped provide over 280 beds for young homeless people to stay for a night.

The money raised from all contributors will go towards projects in different regions that will make a huge difference to local communities, such as housing development and work villages.

Speaking about the scheme, the company’s chief executive, Paul Morrish, said he hopes by raising awareness to society’s most vulnerable people, they can make long-lasting change.

[Credit: LandAid]

Moorish said: “The last few months have been difficult for us all, but in particular for young homeless people, who may not even have a roof over their heads to be able to stay at home.

“Last year’s series provided a truly impactful opportunity to raise money to help vulnerable young people across the UK [raising over £310,000 to support homeless charities].

“This year, I hope many from across the country will be sleeping out for one night with all of us to help make changes to young people’s lives which will last a lifetime.”

It is believed up to 86,000 young people are currently homeless in the UK.  Now, more than ever, they need your support.

To get involved, click here: Sleep Out.


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