Why mistakes are actually magical: The perfect tool for anxious kids

A little book called Magic Mistakes is creating big change

The fear of doing something wrong can often hold us back from trying anything new in the first place ­– especially if we’re worried about what other people will think of us too.

Yet one empowering book is revolutionising the way we view mistakes, by actively encouraging us to make them!

If you don’t already have it on your child’s bookshelf, then take a peek at Magic Mistakes.

The glorious story not only chips away at the taboo that mistakes are something to fear, but that they can actually be magical and help us grow too.

[Credit: Magic Mistakes]

The story follows Frankie Lane, who seems perfect… providing she sticks with what she knows.

However, as Frankie ventures into the unknown and begins exploring life outside her comfort zone, she soon discovers the wonder and beauty that mistakes can bring.

On the journey, readers will encounter Oopsy Loh, the Patron Saint of Mistakes, and see how Frankie’s fantastically spontaneous alter ego, Tallulah Flare, embraces trial and error. 

As your little ones travel along with Frankie​ to the brink of her fears, they will recognise the opportunities they bring and reevaluate what exactly mistakes mean.

[Credit: Magic Mistakes]

Penned by child and adolescent psychologist Belinda Blecher, the book promises to offer young people the language they need to face everyday and ordinary worries.

It is hoped the book will become an emotional literacy tool for parents and caregivers who are often overwhelmed by how to encourage anxious children to be more resilient.

[Credit: Magic Mistakes]

By following Frankie’s odyssey from a place of feeling petrified towards a space where she is excited to try new things, the goal is that this can translate into real lives.

This means, young readers are encouraged to try new things after finishing the book, even if they may fail at it – such as making new food, diving into a pool, or riding a bike.

The book has had glowing praise from fellow experts, with one describing it as “an optimal foundation for children to bloom into psychologically flexible young adults”, and another stating how “the magic of companionship” can help to confront fears together.

To grab a copy, click here: Magic Mistakes.

[Credit: Magic Mistakes]

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