‘Stop waiting for a hero to come along’ Take control of life with self-help bible

Laura Whitmore book reveals how to follow your dreams

You can read all the self-help textbooks from psychologists in the world, though unless the advice comes from someone who has lived through it, it doesn’t always resonate.

That’s why Laura Whitmore’s new book is exactly what you need to re-boot confidence.

Sharing intimate experiences, the Love Island host dares to bare as she opens her heart with personal anecdotes that aim to help others increase their self-worth.

[Credit: Laura Whitmore / Instagram]

Her book – titled No One Can Change Your Life Except You, and complete with illustrations from Jakki Jones (wife of Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones) – is set to hit shelves on March 4.

“We don’t have to wait for Prince Charming to rescue us… We can be our own heroes.”

Laura Whitmore

It promises to take readers on a journey of self-discovery by delving into body image, heartbreak, and insecurity as Laura shines a light on her own struggles to help you through yours.

In particular, she reveals the three secrets that she believes will bring you more joy than anyone else can ever give you: optimism, self-belief and acceptance.

Chatting about her venture, Laura said she wants to show others that the moment they stop waiting for a hero to come along is the moment they can take back control and be their own hero.

[Credit: Laura Whitmore / Instagram]

Laura, 35, said: “When I was a kid, the first album I owned was by Wilson Phillips. I remember the lyric from the song Hold On; ‘No one can change your life except for you’.

“It’s how I’ve chosen to live my life. There is a freedom when you take back control. Stop waiting for someone to save you and do it yourself.”

She continued: “I recognise everyone has different levels of struggle, but no one just hands you a chance. We don’t have to wait for Prince Charming to rescue us or wait for the opportunity to come to us. We can be our own heroes. We can create our own dreams.”

The book has already earned Laura a host of celebrity fans, with comedian Sara Pascoe describing it as “funny, positive and life-affirming” while TV favourite Katherine Ryan said reading it is “like having a glass of wine with your smart, funny friend”.

[Credit: Jakki Jones / Instagram]

Speaking about her inspiration, Laura revealed she simply wrote about what she knows and hopes that her insight can motivate others to see their power within.

While she said she is sceptical of calling the book a self-help title, Laura is adamant people have to help themselves “because who else is going to?”

In the interview with Her, she added: “There’s a lot of anger in the world. You can’t control what other people do, but you can control what you put out into the world. You can take back control of little things in life, and there is a lot of strength in that.”

To take back control, just click here: No One Can Change Your Life Except You.


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