A brand new you! Transform your mind and soul using your own breath

Breathwork is booming in the wellness industry

You may have seen the hashtag #breathwork dotted around Instagram if you follow wellness accounts as it is fast becoming one of the most popular alternative therapies.

As the name suggests, breathwork simply involves conscious breathing to influence your mental, emotional and spiritual state and is believed to have a therapeutic effect.

One crusader who is helping people discover the power of breathwork, is Ava Johanna.

[Credit: Ava Johanna / Instagram]

Ava is ripping up the rule book that the road to healing has to follow a wholesome image, instead using divine femininity and sexuality to inspire women to become their true selves.

Through her organisation The Academy of Breath, she helps enlighten people to the wonders of breathwork with an online course that delves into the booming practice.

The training blends neuroscience, spirituality and mindfulness to guide participants towards their own healing as well as how to become leaders in the wellness industry and teach others.

[Credit: Ava Johanna / Instagram]

The eight-week course promises to equip people with the tools to thrive in all areas of life, from relationships to intuition to career, and of course, the self.

Speaking about her outlook, Ava believes that her skills as a creator, storyteller and meditation enthusiast pave the way for others to experience wellness in an accessible way.

Ava explained: “I mentor women to help them share their gifts, and curate mindfulness experiences that inspire connection.

“My mission in life is to guide and teach honestly and authentically. To bridge the gap for individuals craving more love, health, and confidence in every area of life.”

[Credit: Ava Johanna / Instagram]

Ava continued: “I am living proof that we can redirect our path and purpose. It only takes a willingness and hunger for something more.

“My goal with my work is to ignite that hunger and flame within others so you can live an unprecedented life.”

As well as her breathwork, Ava also hosts a podcast named The Alchemized Life where she leaves no stone unturned as she explores ways to spark mind and soul transformations through episodes such as ‘Tapping Into Your Multidimensional Soul’ and ‘Put A Megaphone Up To Your Inner Voice’.

Think it might be time to have a listen!

To enrich your soul, click here: The Alchemized Life.

[Credit: Ava Johanna / Instagram]


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