Are you ‘odd’ enough to eat wonky fruit and veg so it won’t go to waste?

Supermarkets are rejecting HUGE amounts of fresh produce

Walking into a modelling agency or even an office, people are expected to look a certain way. But did you know fruit and veg felt the same pressure?

Poor ol’ tomatoes and co. are being judged on their beauty and being turned away by stores if they don’t have the right body image.

This harsh reality was uncovered back in Portugal, when pals Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran visited a food market and realised it was full of misshapen fruit and vegetables.

[Credit: ODDBOX]

It got them thinking about why they only saw the same perfectly shaped food on shelves back home in the UK and why was there no variety.

They began researching and soon discovered vast amounts of produce (up to 40%) is wasted before it even leaves farms due to supermarket specifications about how items should look.

This means, millions of potentially tasty goods are being chucked away and causing unnecessary waste for the planet and, of course, wasted time for the producers growing it.

[Credit: ODDBOX / Instagram]

When Emilie and Deepak discovered just how much is being discarded, they were shocked and started hatching plans on how to resolve it.

And that’s when ODDBOX was born.

On their mission to battle waste, they visited farms and talked to producers then came up with the idea for farm-fresh and delicious ‘odd’ fruit and veg delivered straight to your door.

Since then, they have gone from just a handful of customers to delivering over 35,000 boxes across London and across South-East England every week.

[Credit: ODDBOX / Instagram]

Their booming business also celebrates sustainability in other areas, including packing their items in recyclable boxes and never adding unnecessary packaging.

Not only this, they also work with The Felix Project and City Harvest charities to help fight food poverty by donating approximately 5% of their fruit and veg to those who need it the most.

So, if any of you oddballs want to support the misfits, you know what to do.

To sign-up, simply click here: ODDBOX.

[Credit: ODDBOX / Instagram]

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