First festival of 2021 is here and it’s totally FREE to attend

Firestarters hope to connect isolated people with similar passions

While Reading and Leeds Festival organisers have vowed their events will go ahead this summer, it’s still a while to wait until August.

So, what if we were to tell you there’s a festival taking place this month instead?!

Better yet, you don’t need deep pockets as it’s totally free.

[Credit: Firestarters]

To manage your expectations, we should add that you won’t be downing warm beer in paper cups in a field for this one, but it is a super exciting and innovative virtual festival.

Better yet, you won’t need to queue an hour to use the Portaloo.

Firestarters aims to ignite conversation across the globe by connecting strangers to share their passions and discover how they can use them to grow and bring about a positive change.

Their main mission is to help people beat isolation, while learning and networking from a diverse range of industries including wellbeing, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

[Credit: Firestarters]

Kickstarting today and spread across four weeks, participants can choose to listen in on talks, panels, or mentoring groups, as well as engage in the conversation if they want.

The line-up promises a whole host of inspiring and relevant topics, including ‘Take Your Hustle To The Next Level’, ‘The Future of Live Events’ and ‘Kickstarting a Business’.

Chatting about the event, the organisers said their aim to reunite a world that has been ripped apart by the pandemic, while also raising money for mental health charity Rethink and UK Youth.

They said: “This is such a time, people are suffering not only from Covid-19 but within their isolated worlds, they are suffering from disconnection, albeit this is less visible suffering.

“This is why Firestarters aim is to connect strangers and ignite conversation fuelled by shared passion, interests, and experiences to bring about a positive change.”

To get involved, click here: Firestarters.

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