Kids to have lessons tailored to them as new tool puts their needs first

IncludEdu is helping to revolutionise education

Imagine going to school and the teacher telling you that your lesson was going to be centred around your personal needs and interests. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Wrong!

The dream is fast-becoming a reality thanks to one innovator who is reinventing education.

Ryan Evans is living proof of what happens when the internet is used for good.

The tech wizard has created a platform that will provide individuals with an opportunity to learn through highly-personalised experiences that are tailored to them.

[Credit: Ryan Evans / Twitter]

In particular, Ryan’s format is aimed at young people who use assistive technology, which helps individuals with a specific or additional learning need to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult – for example, by using speech, cognitive or communication aids.

His baby, named IncludEdu, is a completely free toolbox that will pool a variety of resources to support and enhance studying to put the learner front and centre of their education.

This means, it will help decision-making on how to personalise a learner’s experience for teachers, parents or caregivers who otherwise might not know.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Ryan explained how the idea came about and why he feels motivated about helping every child reach their full potential regardless of disabilities.

[Credit: Jason Sung / Unsplash]

Ryan said: “As a former Head of Faculty at a special needs residential school, I am extremely passionate about facilitating access for every pupil to curriculums that engage and inspire.

“I’ve witnessed a constant theme throughout schools locally, regionally, nationally and globally that staff, ‘don’t know what they don’t know’.

“I feel strongly that assistive tech needs to become more widely-used and I have experienced first-hand the benefits and results of their use in the classroom.”

Ryan continued: “With statistics showing that up to 1 in 4 learners in a mainstream classroom have an additional learning need, it only highlights the need for additional resources within most, if not all, classrooms or settings.”

This is exactly what IncludEdu aims to combat, so that no child gets left behind.

[Credit: Jimmy Dean / Unsplash]

So, how does it work?

There are three main steps to kickstart the process. Firstly, users will select from four broad areas of learning need that they most align with. Secondly, they will be asked to select the nature of the learner’s specific need. And finally, they will be required to choose the technology platform available to them from Apple, Google, or Microsoft.

Once this personalisation has been completed, a customised solution menu will appear featuring a list of relevant add-ons, extensions, apps, hardware and software, that will then provide an overview of how to use the tool and get the best from it.

Having initially started the project as a one-person mission, things quickly developed as educators and assistive tech users from all corners of the world heard about Ryan’s mission.

[Credit: CDC / Unsplash]

Now, the site is closing in on 200 global ambassadors who contribute with phenomenal expertise to ensure it is the best supporting resource available on the internet.

Ryan added: “My aim is to empower educators, parents, and guardians with the tools to develop more personalised learning experiences.

“From my home in west Wales, to be able to have a positive impact on a learner in a different city, country or even continent is truly humbling and makes all the effort worthwhile.

“To say things have snowballed is a massive understatement! The reach and depth of the project has already exceeded what I had initially targeted.”

For more info, visit IncludEdu.Online.

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