Buzz Iceclear to the rescue! Snow days come to life with amazing names

Snow plows in Scotland are being named – and they are genius!

We name our kids, our pets, and sometimes even our plants, but what about machines?

In what sounds like the perfect script for a Pixar movie, our friends over in Scotland have been naming their snow plows to bring them to life with quirky personalities.

There are too many to pick a favourite, but those making their way into our top three are Buzz Iceclear, Licence to Chill, and The Great Grittish Flake Off.

[Credit: Traffic Scotland]

For those living in sunnier climates, snow plows (or snow ploughs) are used for removing snow and ice by attaching them to a vehicle to ‘plough’ the snow away.

They are typically used on roads or railway tracks that need to continue operating in extreme weather conditions, with the additional sprinkling of salt grit to make them safe.  

Needless to say, up north where climates recently plunged to -23°C, the lowest temperature in more than 25 years, snow plows are out in force across the country.

[Credit: Traffic Scotland]

Other genius names to have appeared on the Grit Tracker map include Spready Mercury, Sweet Child O’Brine and Sled Zepplin.

The witty gritty list also features Megameltasaurus, Veruca Salt, and For Your Ice Only.

While the names are getting stronger with each year, personalising the plows dates back to 2006 when the Scottish Transport Ministry encouraged school children to nickname them.

With snow expected to return within days, as forecasters predict an area of high pressure to bring freezing temperatures back, we could be in for some more snow plow characters.

What would you call yours if you could? We’re thinking of Austin Plowers!

[Credit: George Kroeker / Unsplash]

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