Why learning a new language can send your mental health skyrocketing

Download the Memrise app for a wellbeing boost

Bonjour! Ça va? Comment va votre santé mentale?

If we’ve lost you already, don’t panic.

This is exactly where Memrise steps in, the award-winning language app that will not only have you speaking like a local but also improve your mental health while you do it.

[Credit: Memrise]

So, as the end of lockdown looms with all of us in need of a wellbeing boost and a holiday, you can kill two birds with one stone by learning a new dialect then flying off somewhere to practise it.

The app, which immerses users in colloquial pronunciation rather than textbook boredom, uses memory techniques to optimise learning such as mimicking natives and listening skills games.

It offers lessons in 22 different languages, including options for regional specifications for certain dialects, such as speaking Spanish in Mexico instead of in Spain.

[Credit: Memrise]

Speaking about the benefits of learning a language, the team behind the online platform explained that mental health can see huge spikes as people strengthen connections and form relationships with others, which can combat loneliness, anxiety and depression.

Speaking to Uspire, a spokesperson said: “Learning a language allows you to grow in confidence and boost your self-awareness and self-esteem.

“You can become more open-minded. A new language encourages you to expose yourself to new situations, ideas, and people which helps with cultural awareness.”

[Credit: Memrise founder Ed Cooke / LinkedIn]

In addition to creating a more positive mindset, there is also evidence to show there are long-term benefits to brain health that could even reduce the risk of dementia.

They continued: “Knowing another language doubles cognitive recovery rate within a year of suffering a stroke, and allows another five years of symptom-free living if you have Alzheimer’s.

“It can increase your attention span and ability to multitask as you translate words in your head while you’re talking. It also improves other cognitive functions, like decision-making and memory.”

Fully aware that many of us will have learned languages at school and not retained any information, Memrise prides itself on being a creative tool that guarantees results with the ultimate goal being able to be understood when users speak their new language.

Providing you stay dedicated and don’t bunk off like you did during French lessons, you should have a good grasp of the language you choose to learn by the end of one month as it takes approximately 28 days to learn the basics.

Memrise was founded by entrepreneur Ed Cooke, a Grand Master of Memory World Champion. Perhaps his story can be the spin-off series following the success of The Queen’s Gambit?

Au revoir, bonne chance!

To get learning, click here: Memrise.

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