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Imagine a world of no worry: How you can achieve ecstasy without the drugs

Learn how to reshape your world from the inside out

We’ve all turned to shopping, celebrities, sex, booze or even harder substances as a release from the daily grind in our search for a deeper connection to life.

Though what if we were to tell you that the secret of true escapism lies within?  

It’s time to open your mind to flow state, a practice where innate creativity blossoms and you dive so deeply in that the ego falls way. It has been described as ecstasy without the drugs.

[Credit: Bodhi Eira Jones]

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Bodhi Eira Jones opened up about the practice and what led them to launch their own company KaiFlow which helps others achieve this state of mind.

Bodhi said: “I grew up in a story that I am a ‘bad’ person. That I wasn’t good enough to keep my mum alive (age three). That is what I thought when my mum ‘disappeared’.

“Growing up, I lived out that story, looking for evidence for why that was true and if there was no evidence, making the evidence. I became surrounded by drugs and alcohol and knew that to not go down a self-destructive road I had to take another path.”

At first, physical training saved Bodhi as they became a personal trainer and sports psychologist.

After a few years, Bodhi noticed that people would still show up for sessions even though they were super fit. That was when Bodhi started to explore why and realised that there was still something missing for clients, that there were bigger reasons behind their practice, and tapping into those would give them a more empowering context for their training.

[Credit: KaiFlow]

Bodhi explained: “I started to research mind-body practices and train with Shaolin monks, famed for their fighting skill. It was extreme physical training and there was a moment where we were all holding our arms out while in a horse stance.

“We had been in this excruciating position for a long time, I had my eyes closed and experienced my ‘machine mind’ – the one with all the limitations – subside. There was nothing there: a completely different space. A space where everything was connected, and anything was possible. It felt like everything and nothing. Like infinity or a different field of possibility.

“This was a defining moment for me and the seed for KaiFlow, the access to separating what we now call our machine mind from our essence.”

Simultaneously, Bodhi also lost two very close people to suicide and decided to take some time out. It was then that they started delving into Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s work, the Hungarian psychologist who founded and named the flow state calling it, ‘the secret to happiness’.

Bodhi explained: “I had found the key to providing experiences and trips without the drugs. Ecstasy comes from a Greek word – ekstasis. Originally, it meant to stand outside of or transcend oneself. It then became a word for a mind state. To be actually ecstatic in each moment is an alternate reality.”

[Credit: Shaolin Monks / Shutterstock]

Bodhi then began researching how to access that flow state and exploring how the ego can truly melt away to leave an individual completely at one with their creativity, art or activity.

The KaiFlow founder has since worked with pro-athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs and artists to help them strip away mental blockages; from going on tour with surfers to supporting writers finish their scripts to working with CEOs on leadership.

Talking about what lies at the heart of flow state, Bodhi says it is all about the individual.

They said: “Sports and performance venues have always provided an arena to participate in an intense concentrated experience of the world, group ecstasy.

“The problem is that through celebrity culture, people think the only way they can access this state is by watching celebrities or emulating them. Because we experience the flow state through watching them, we think they hold the key to our flow.

“Through our research and work with players from all walks of life, we developed practices that give anyone access to the flow state. We can all access it by setting the conditions.”

[Credit: Shutterstock]

It was this realisation, that disrupting the narrative and changing your story to change your world view, that led to KaiFlow; where Kai means reconnecting with your unique intrinsic value and flow is to immerse yourself in and experience your pure creativity.

The company now encourages people to undo social conditioning to relearn their truth, by standing up for what they believe in and reshaping the world from the inside out.

When asked what advice Bodhi may have for people who cannot for whatever reason escape the shackles of a corporate world or 9-5, they believe there is always an alternate path.

They said: “You can escape. You may not be able to see it yet, but anything is possible for you, hidden behind what is already there. Get quiet and remember who you truly are.

“Underneath all the limitations and all the beliefs about why you can’t escape, start thinking about what you truly want. At least ask yourself these questions.”

Bodhi added: “The first practice in KaiFlow is the ‘Guiding Principle’. In life we are always doing, trying to get somewhere, be better, improve, believing when we get there we will be happy.

“If you create a Guiding Principle, it will give you a place to stand, outside of your machine mind. Practice being in your Guiding Principle. Take quiet time out and detox from social media, ask yourself, ‘Am I creating my world or is my world creating me?’”

For anyone out there thinking, ‘but I’m not creative’, then don’t let that mindset fool you! Bodhi says we are all creators and we are all creating in every moment even if it is unconscious.

Bodhi concluded: “KaiFlow stands for everyone to realise the power of their own creativity and ability to reshape their own worlds, to reconnect to their value and each other.”

For more info, click here: Kai Flow.

To join the community, click here: Rebel Majesty.


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