The truth about kindness: 30-day challenge says being kind is a choice

Kindness Matters 30 Day Challenge is being taught in schools

We may all know the motto, ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’.

Yet with conflicting personalities, high stress levels and hormones flying around in every classroom, workplace, and home, it’s not always so easy to follow.

That’s why teaching it from a young age is crucial, so kindness isn’t seen as extracurricular.

Now, an incredible ‘Kindness Matters 30 Day Challenge’ is tackling the issue head-on, with a uniquely tailored eLearning programme to give pupils and staff all the resources they need.

[Credit: The Kindness Coach]

Complete with daily videos and ideas to cultivate kindness in the classroom, the challenge promises to create positive relationships, increase respect, and boost pupil participation.

For any teacher who faces World War III each day with answering back and disrespect in class, this sounds like heaven.

Created by John Magee, aka ‘The Kindness Coach’, he believes teaching children the importance of being kind not only improves mindsets but also benefits them academically.

Speaking about his venture, John said: “It has been scientifically proven that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So, imagine what happens when pupils commit to doing the 30-day challenge.

“I can tell you that your pupils will form a new positive pattern and habit of behaviour, which in turn will bring more kindness into the classroom and the school.

[Credit: The Kindness Coach]

John said that when pupils adopt the attitude and understanding of simple acts of kindness that is often taken for granted – such as complimenting a teacher on a good lesson or letting another pupil go before them in the lunch queue – it can have a huge impact on their day and other pupils too.

In addition to creating this positive environment, another benefit of kindness is the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormone oxytocin.

This not only reduces negative and aggressive behaviour but triggers an element of contagion where there is a knock-on effect and everyone in the school begins to form better relationships.

[Credit: Priscilla du Preez / Unsplash]

John said: “I believe it is not cool for any pupil to mentally, emotionally or physically abuse other pupils or staff, or to use inappropriate language or to hurt people. Until pupils take ownership and 100% responsibility for their words and actions and realise that kindness is a choice, they are going to keep repeating this process – hurting themselves and others as a result of their choices.”

As a qualified hypnotherapist and life coach, John also said that as all behaviour is learned behaviour then if we can learn to hurt each other, we can learn to be kind to one another.

He concluded: “Kindness is an innate part of who we are as human beings. I believe together, we can create ripples of kindness throughout the UK.

“Just imagine how much kindness we could share with each other and the world.”

Click here to start your journey: Kindness Matters 30 Day Challenge.


  1. Good morning Nadia, I would like to thank you personally for your kindness and its thanks to amazing human being like you that our world is filled with Kindness. John Magee – the kindness Coach and Founder of Kindness Matters.

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