How to find super quality food from small farms in your local area

FarmMatch is helping to make fruit and veg easy to access

Once upon a time we were told eating ‘five a day’ was enough to improve our health, now experts say that figure should be closer to 10 items of fruit or veg a day to stay fit.

Ten?! There’s barely enough time in the day.

Here’s where FarmMatch steps in, to make sure your fridge and cupboards are stocked all year.

They do this by allowing you to shop online and connect with local farms in the area who are selling Mother Nature’s finest.

The initiative is the brainchild of Max Kane after he was diagnosed with Crohn’s, a bowel disease that causes severe inflammation, discomfort and pain of the digestive tract.

Following a lifetime tucking into high salt, fat, and sugar products, Max knew he needed a change and revolutionised his diet. He now hopes to share his farm-to-table ethos with others.

[Credit: Nadine Primeau / Unsplash]

There’s only one catch, you’ll need to be a US resident to use FarmMatch.

So, to all our American friends, simply enter your zip code on their site, choose from the list of farms, fill your basket, then select whether you want to pick it up or receive a delivery.

For those in the UK, don’t be too disheartened, we have a few alternatives for you…

[Credit: Sara Scarpa / Unsplash]

First up, we have Farms To Feed Us, who encourage consumers to join forces with local growers for a ‘farm to fork’ experience and understand where their food comes from.

They have created an open database of more than 300 farms around the UK who sell vegetables, meat, and dairy directly to the public.

We also love the good folk over at Oddbox, who celebrate misshapen fruit and veg not deemed ‘perfect’ enough for supermarkets that would others go to waste if not sold by them.

Last but not least, we’re big fans of OLIO, this quirky app is a tool for people to give away food and other household items they no longer need to their neighbours for free.   


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