London is coming back to life as cinema inspired by NY jazz bar opens

Curzon at Hawley Wharf is set to fling its doors open in Camden

While everyone loves the movies, there’s always a risk of having popcorn thrown at your head or people talking through the action.

Yet we’re confident London’s brand spanking new cinema will be the classiest of them all and free of the usual trials and tribulations that come with watching a film with the public.

Please put your hands together for the Curzon at Hawley Wharf.

[Credit: Krists Luhaers / Unsplash]

The venue will be inspired by New York jazz bars, so should not only promise a host of fabulous flicks but also an experience like no other as you unwind in the unique space.

Set against the backdrop of Camden Town, this little haven will boast five 30-seat screens just a stone’s throw from the iconic Hawley Arms.

While photos from inside are yet to be released, architect Takero Shimazaki promises an ultra-glam design splashed across 6,000ft of pure enjoyment.

[Credit: Jeremy Yap / Unsplash]

The Hawley Wharf site joins the Curzon family – known for their broad range of art house films – as its ninth cinema in London, with a tenth in Hoxton Square opening soon too.

With all cinemas across the UK forced to close as the pandemic kicked off last March, this new spot could not come at a more exciting time as the government hope theatres can reopen on May 17.

We’re already in line to grab our tickets!  

[Credit: Merch Husey / Unsplash]

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