‘It’s better than any medicine’: Drama therapy is transforming lives

A creative alternative to traditional counselling

When it comes to managing emotions, tackling mental health can feel pretty intense.

Though what if we were to tell you that it could be fun too?!

This is exactly what dramatherapy strives to do, by tapping into creativity to overcome trauma, low self-esteem and other issues that leave people struggling to cope.

[Credit: Roundabout Dramatherapy]

By using drama-related techniques – such as storytelling, improvisation, puppets and music – people begin to understand themselves just as they might in traditional counselling.

But without an acting coach or attending drama school, how is it possible to access this?

The awesome team at Roundabout Dramatherapy are dedicated to helping children and adults find solutions to their problems, proudly working with anyone from toddlers to 90-year-olds.

[Credit: Roundabout Dramatherapy]

The focus is not on performance as such, but rather to work with the therapeutic aspects of drama to help participants feel empowered and challenge their difficulties.

Their incredible work resonates particularly well with people who have Asperger’s syndrome, as the sessions are designed to help them cope with their learning difficulties and to feel calmer.

In addition to this, dramatherapy is said to be exceptional for those struggling with bereavement as it gifts them a space to make their grief more tangible and less abstract.

[Credit: Joshua Hanson / Unsplash]

But who can say it better than us other than those who have taken part in the classes?

One participant said it is “better than medicine”, while another reported it is “the only place I can really be myself”, and a third said “it is where I have learned to make connections”.

See you on the stage, then!

To get involved, click here: Roundabout Dramatherapy.

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