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This ‘Black Fairy Godmother’ is helping people who are struggling

Simone Gordon supports families and individuals with donations

While it would be a dream to live a in world where fairy godmothers told us to click our heels together three times to get what we wanted, sadly that’s not a reality.

But that doesn’t mean that fairy godmothers don’t exist in other guises.

Meet Simone Gordon, otherwise known as ‘The Black Fairy Godmother’, who is actively creating change to support black and brown marginalised families.

Not only does she do this by providing financial or domestic relief, but also by helping them get to a place of stability where they can live peacefully and/or seek work.

[Credit: The Black Fairy Godmother / Instagram]

While she does incredible work as a philanthropist and motivational speaker, The Black Fairy Godmother says “fairy dust isn’t always shiny”.

And even though she comes to the rescue by helping mums and dads get laptops for their children to study or food to feed their families, in her native USA – one of the world’s wealthiest nations – more than 40million live in households that struggle to put food on the table.

To ensure that she helps a wide pool of people, Simone selects different emergency fundraisers each week and encourages her social network to send in donations.

[Credit: The Black Fairy Godmother / Instagram]

For example, this week, she is seeking funds to help a family who have a son with special needs to avoid eviction and a homeless 22-year-old who is in desperate need of a home.

Simone then shares the PayPal or GoFundMe links online – all of which are vetted to ensure they are validated – in the hope that fellow humanitarians can dig deep to help out.

In addition to helping families that contact her, Simone supports an ‘Angel Food Assist’ programme that helps fight hunger with donations going to people who need groceries. 

[Credit: The Black Fairy Godmother / Instagram]

She also advocates for domestic violence survivors and help families flee unsafe environments, with 20 people per minute physically abused by an intimate partner in America and only exacerbated during the pandemic as people are forced to stay home in lockdown.

Even supporting these fantastic causes, Simone’s work is far from done though.

She also encourages members of the public to use their birthdays as fundraising opportunities and to choose a charity to ask friends and family to donate to instead of gifting presents.

Oh, and did we mention Simone runs an ‘Adopt A Family’ programme? This ripple effect of good vibes invites supporters to choose one family whose story resonates and fundraise for them.

As they say, a fairy’s work is never done.

For more info, click here: The Black Fairy Godmother.

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