Music that heals you just by listening: Fall in love with Reinhardt Buhr

Busking musician is going viral worldwide

Now that we’ve discovered Reinhardt Buhr, we know what we’ll be doing all weekend – geeking out to his YouTube videos.

Reinhardt who, you might ask?!

This guy has enough talent in his little finger to get three yeses on any scouting show, with his incredible ability to create what he describes as “sacred orchestral” music.

[Credit: Reinhardt Buhr / Facebook]

Reinhardt does this by playing a multitude of instruments solo, recording them in real-time, then looping all the sounds together into a stunning tapestry each time.

In order to achieve his distinct tunes, Reinhardt switches between the acoustic guitar, electro cello, didgeridoo, singing, various percussion, and a Boss RC 505 device to master his loops.

As well as having a knack for capturing beautiful compositions that speak to the soul, Reinhardt’s goal is to become “the embodiment of love” and he hopes that by sharing his music he can trigger healing and happiness within those who are listening.

While his aspirations may seem ambitious, music therapy is proven to decrease pain perception, reduce the amount of medication needed, and relieve depression in patients experiencing pain.

The various musical elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and tempo are said to stimulate a cognitive and emotional response which positively influences mood and boosts healing.

With his unique gift and empowering message, Reinhardt’s star is certainly one that is rising.

While he is based in his native South Africa, the music man is fast gathering fans online with over 500,000 admirers across his social media profiles.

[Credit: Reinhardt Buhr / Facebook]

Dedicating his life to sharing music with the public, Reinhardt spends most of his time busking at the Waterfront in Cape Town showing off his flair for fusion.

Speaking about the support from his local community, Reinhardt said: “They treat everyone with kindness and respect and are truly passionate.”

One look at his back catalogue of work, and it’s easy to see why!

To get lost in the loops, click here: Reinhardt Buhr.

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