Who really are you?! Eye-opening event to reveal unexplained mysteries

Join the online Forgery Unmasked summit from Saturday

If you cast your mind back to history lessons at school, perhaps you learned about the Tudors, Vikings, or Great Plague.

Though what about the legacy of humankind and where you truly came from?

Now, an enlightening summit is preparing to fill in the blanks in an effort to assemble the puzzle pieces of your ancestry and decipher who we are collectively as a human race.

In what promises to be “brain candy” for the mind, the Forgery Unmasked online event will delve into who we are as a species across three days over March 27-29.

[Credit: Forgery Unmasked]

Speaking to Uspire about the project, host Omar Faizi said he is bringing together 28 experts to offer viewers an opportunity to explore self-awareness in a non-judgemental space.

Omar told us: “My intention is to bring people together in a safe environment and present them with groundbreaking information, a think tank of sorts, where we can explore and expand on information and even debunk previously held thoughts.

“My interest is based on consciousness closely tied to David Icke’s teachings that I have been researching since the late 90s, which eventually led me on a journey of many different topics such as UFOs and aliens, megalithic construction [memorials consisting of large prehistoric stone], lost civilisation, ancient history, forbidden archaeology, ancient alien theory, and many, many more.”

On each day of the summit, Omar and his team will feature presentations, one-on-one interviews, live conscious music, stretching and yoga.

There will also be an array of topics covered to truly delve into the theories.  

[Credit: Forgery Unmasked]

Omar explained: “On day one, we will begin by deconstructing oral stories, written stories and legends as we explore ancient civilisations such as Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Maya and the Inca.”

This will be done through the lens of archaeology, esotericism [study of mystical, spiritual or occult viewpoints] and DNA/RNA evidence [hypothesis that life on earth began with an alternative chemical structure] that has been compiled through years of research.

He continued: “On day two, we will dive into some of the anomalies which confront us, such as the 35,000-year-old Chauvet cave art, archaeological mysteries of South America, gravitational lensing of our moon, Bosnia Pyramids and ancient alien contact in our remote history.

“On day three, we will look at cryptozoology [study of animals that are rumoured to exist i.e. Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster], alien abductions, UFOs, then switch over to nutrition, food sciences, techniques of stretching, exercise, hypnosis, near-death experience, out-of-body displacement and concluding with a panel discussion to connect the dots of what we have learned.”

Our minds are expanding just thinking about it.

[Credit: Forgery Unmasked]

Omar’s hope is that conversations can continue long after the conference is over, with participants triggering a ripple effect and discussing what they have learned with their spouses, family, friends, and children to help raise awareness within their own bubbles.

Having spent six years battling the unpredictability of live-streams and call-dropouts, Omar is elated to now have worldwide recognition with hosting his first sponsored event.

He concluded: “The inspiration for this conference came to me when I was astral travelling [intentional out-of-body experience] one evening, like most of my other ones. Similarly, my last event Ishwara came to me in a vision while camping on Vancouver Island around a fire.

“To me, it is mind-blowing to have come this far. I look forward to expanding WatchersTalk, where we aim to raise awareness of human history and extraterrestrial phenomenon.

“Even with the pandemic, we can continue to share conscious-based events online to explore different aspects of our human experience.”

Omar added: “We can help to make it a fulfilling experience for ourselves and everyone else because in the bigger picture, everyone else IS ourselves, to love another is to love yourself.”

To grab your tickets, click here: Forgery Unmasked.

For anyone struggling with finances, Omar insists this should not interfere with learning and encourages people who cannot afford the ticket price to contact him to arrange attendance.


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