Healing power of cannabis is saving frontline workers from suicide

Allied Corp are on a mission to discover new therapeutic strains

We stand on doorsteps to clap and hail them as heroes, but we can never truly understand what paramedics, police, veterans and firefighters go through.

What we do know, is that what happens on the job doesn’t just stay at the job, and the severity of what they are faced with follows them home into their lives and nightmares.

Now, however, they have been thrown a lifeline with a new plant medicine company striving to prevent the epidemic of frontline workers who attempt suicide.

[Credit: Allied Corporation]

While cannabis products – such as CBD oil and gummies – are proven to reduce depression, lower anxiety, and treat PTSD, they still have varying levels of legislation around the world.

One place, however, that embraces its power is Canada.

And thanks to Calum Hughes, who spent over a decade working in hospitals, he has created a company to help people who need support by discovering therapeutic strains of cannabis to bring unique products to market with the help of genetic specialists and doctors.

[Credit: Allied Corporation]

His sole purpose is to find treatment to guide frontline staff back on the path to wellness.

Speaking about his new foundation, Allied Corporation, Calum said he is also determined to tackle the 17 suicides that take place each day in his country.

In the business’s mission statement, Calum stressed that mental health is their top priority.

He said: “Developing cannabinoid and psilocybin [magic mushrooms] health products that support PTSD sufferers is of immense value in today’s complex and often dangerous world.”

[Credit: Allied Corporation]

He continued: “Far from only affecting soldiers, PTSD sufferers include law officers, service workers, firefighters, coast guards, and especially paramedics, among a long list of other groups.

“Their stories are ones of unnecessary pain and despair that is all too frequently met by uncharitable or misinformed responses from society.”

Back in 2019, Calum and his crew acquired a large farm in Colombia to kickstart their quest.

They soon made history as the first ever organisation to pass all 20 out of 20 strains submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture for approval.

Fast-forward to today and they have launched their line of CBD products, while also delivering healing retreats with traditional therapy and holistic activities like yoga.

For more info, click here: Allied Corporation.

[Credit: Allied Corporation]


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