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How to help kids stay safe in water and protect them from drowning

TV star lifeguard releases awesome new book

We talk a lot about road safety and keeping hands away from hot stoves, but less so about the perils of water.

Yet drowning is a global epidemic, with 42 deaths every hour of every day.

In a bid to reduce these tragedies, a new children’s book is set to teach kids vital water and fire safety, along with rescue and life skills.

Not only do the authors aspire to help keep young people safe, they also hope it will inspire them to become frontline workers one day.

[Credit: Maxi’s Beach Rescue]

Say hello to the fabulous Maxi’s Beach Rescue, from lifeguard Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell and his social enterprise partner Leigh Mason.

Our Aussie friends will know Maxi from his role on Bondi Rescue, a fly-on-the wall show following the trials and tribulations of lifeguards patrolling the shores of Oz’s famous Bondi Beach.

For those less familiar with his work, Trent – who is also a firefighter – has just as much passion to help those on land as well as those struggling out at sea.

Back in 2018, he co-founded Live Learn Survive with Leigh to give every child and young adult the opportunity to learn key lifesaving skills.

[Credit: Live Learn Survive]

They desperately wanted to tackle the number of preventable deaths around the world and took note of the World Health Organisation’s first ever global report dedicated to drowning.

In the report, it stated that other than installing barriers or actively keeping kids away from water, the leading point of action is to teach water safety to school-aged children.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

They got busy launching their online community, Maxi’s Rescue Squad, which delivers a fun space to learn how to stay safe in water with videos and weekly challenges galore.

Now, their brand-new book Maxi’s Rescue Squad will continue to help little ones stay safe.

[Credit: Live Learn Survive]

The book, for ages 4-8, follows Maxi on his birthday as he’s gifted a football, a ball he can’t wait to take to the beach for a kickaround. What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking about their mission, Maxi said: “A Royal Life Saving report found that less than 9% of children in Australia are learning a rescue skill – we aim to change that.”

Meanwhile, Leigh added: “In a society that is screaming out for young, positive, male role models, Maxi is a breath of fresh air and is totally committed to shaping young minds of future generations.

“He hopes to teach not only about surf, water and fire safety, but also really important life skills that they may not be taught at school.”

For more information, click here: Maxi’s Rescue Squad.


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