The happiest website EVER that is guaranteed to make you smile

Study carried out with eye-tracking and facial-expression monitoring

What’s better than sitting on a beach watching a sunset? Watching it on a video!

Okay, maybe not better, but it is proven to boost positivity.

Consequently, to help combat feelings of low mood that have swept the globe over the last year, a new platform claiming to be ‘the world’s happiest website’ has launched to help you relax.

[Credit: The Happiest Website]

Not only does the site offer picturesque scenes of sunsets, but also sunny blue skies, sounds of the sea, kittens and puppies, mouthwatering images of food, and even personal compliments.

All you have to do is sit back and soak it up as you’re told how much you rock.

These topics are then said to trigger a guaranteed smile on spectators who tune in.

But how?

[Credit: The Happiest Website]

A study with eye-tracking technology and facial-expression monitoring was carried out as people logged-on, showing that on average users smiled for 80% of their time on the site.

While smiling, this sparked their feel-good hormone production to increase and therefore their anxiety to diminish.

Speaking about the findings, mental health blogger Dennis Relojo-Howell said the images support psychological evidence that seeing or sharing happy pictures can make us feel good.

Dennis said: “Clicking onto the page and being exposed to these images can positively affect users’ perceived happiness, hormone levels, productivity, and stress levels.”

[Credit: The Happiest Website]

Meanwhile, Michelle Stark, who helped conduct the research, said that with so much negativity over the past year, it’s important to try and get a mood boost where possible.

Michelle said: “It’s amazing to see how much this website can positively affect hormones, productivity and stress levels – and there’s no better time for us to have a boost.”

As part of the study of what to include on the site, over 2,000 Brits were asked what brings them the most happiness and joy in life – with 92% saying a sunny blue sky.

It just goes to show it really is the simple things in life that matter.

To view the site, created by domain experts Fasthosts, click here: The Happiest Website.

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