Being your best self: Are you ready to try the 100-day challenge?

It's finally here; the manual on how to do life!

While many of us may strive to better ourselves, the reality is that holistic work is still work.

So, how does unleashing 100% of your potential in just 100 days sound?

Better yet, there are no classes, homework, or modules. All that is required is you, your email and a pair of earphones to learn whenever and wherever you want.

The #BeYourBest journey promises to boost your personal growth by delving into three core areas: self-discovery, self-optimisation, and self-actualisation.

[Credit: AdapNation]

The first, self-discovery, simply means learning to truly understand your body and mind.

Secondly, you will master self-optimisation, whereby you put your knowledge into practice.

Last but not least, self-actualisation will enable you to progress to the highest level of psychological development to unlock your full potential.

While this may all sound overwhelming, especially when there’s the small fact of having to juggle life/work/family every day, then don’t worry as you will do it all with a mentor.

[Credit: AdapNation]

And this is where Steve Katasi steps in, the founder of AdapNation who has created the #BeYourBest programme.

Chatting about his quest, Steve insists he is “no guru”, but that he is dedicated to working out the challenges of life as he goes along.

Steve said: “If you ever hear someone claim to have all the answers… run!

“The best you can do is seek out curious, kind and committed individuals who think critically and ask great questions. Those who have the time, resources and critical thinking to be open-minded without being gullible and dogmatic. This is the person I try to be every day.”

[Credit: Steve Katasi / Instagram]

He continued: “I’ve walked away from an illustrious career in IT security to obsessively commit everything I am and have to decoding what it takes to be your best.

“I am on an ongoing journey of self-discovery and self-optimisation. I walk the talk and am an outward expression of self-optimisation.”

Steve now hopes to share his knowledge with others on how to truly add value to life.

He does this by merging techniques on mental strength, self-improvement, nutrition and exercise into a unique, micro-learning format that requires just five or 10 minutes a day.

There is even the option to learn via voice memos by listening to the audio version of his daily emails if that is easier for participants.

[Credit: AdapNation]

Not only does Steve promise to transform an individual’s life by boosting self-esteem, he also believes he can help people achieve more by giving clients a greater sense of purpose.

Steve said: “We’re battling a mental health crisis; we seek out immediate gratification to numb the pain of lacking deep fulfilment. We’re grinding through the rat-race but have no directions to escape nor how to live well.

“Keeping momentum on the things that really matter is tough. We know there is more to a great life, but external distractions are relentless.

“Everyone needs a guidebook – an instruction manual on how best to do life – and whilst it will always be a work in progress, that’s what you can expect from us.”

It’s hard to argue with that!

For more info, click here: AdapNation.

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