Better than burgers! Decadent hot cross buns to celebrate bank holiday

Discover the tastiest treats on offer this Easter

Whether you observe Easter or not, the resurrection of freedom is nearly upon us.

Now, outdoor gatherings of up to six people are allowed with picnics galore set to descend upon parks and gardens across the country.

What better way to perk up those picnics than with a tantalising taste of feast heaven?

We are, of course, talking about the trusty hot cross bun. And as the four-day weekend looms, we have the hottest, crossest treats for you to choose from.

[Credit: Manny NB / Unsplash]

First up, the bacon option for all you carnivore enthusiasts.

From the aptly named Le Swine, these foodies are the proud creator of ‘the greatest bacon sandwich ever sold’. Their ethos is all about taking a national treasure and showing it respect.

Now, these bacon gurus – who get their meat from a small, family-run butcher in Lancashire who look after ‘happy and healthy’ pigs – are creating a hot cross bun box.

Delivered straight to your door, the make-at-home kit includes buns, bacon, fresh sage, bacon butter and the poshest ketchup you’ll ever try made of dates, roast fennel and Aleppo chilli.

The Easter box for two comes in at £15, just order here: Le Swine.

[Credit: Shuk]

In second place, we have the hot cross babka (sweet, braided bread) bun.

This one, from Borough Market’s pitta bread experts Shuk, is guaranteed to leave you salivating just reading about it.

Think of a rainbow of spices, secret babka dough recipe, earl grey infused dried fruit, cinnamon syrup, and a generous dollop of vanilla crème patissiere, and you’ll see what we mean.

Also coming as a DIY delivery, this flavoursome offering is sold as a standard kit at £22 or £35 for the chocolate and hazelnut option. We think we know which one we’ll be choosing!

To grab yours, click here: Shuk.

[Credit: Bun House]

Taking the bronze medal, we have the adorable Bun House chicks.

Complete with eyes, beaks and little red mohawks, these guys and gals are quite possibly the cutest festive treats we have ever seen.

Filled with creamy kaya butter – a Malaysian jam made with coconut, eggs and caramel – these Easter delicacies are sold as a box of three for just under £15.

To sink your teeth into them, click here: Bun House.

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