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Work smarter not harder: Tech king reveals tips and tricks for classrooms

Ben Moore is helping educators reshape how they teach

In a society that never sleeps, we’re plagued by the perceived notion that work never stops.

Yet one man believes that less is more and champions the ‘work smarter not harder’ ethos.

Ben Moore, who is just 20, is on a mission to inspire educators globally with tips and tricks that could revolutionise the future of their classroom.

So strong at his game, Ben has now become the youngest Google trainer in the world, which allows him to deliver staff training into schools to empower the use of tech with learning.

[Credit: Ben Moore]

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Ben spoke about his rise to success and why he believes that getting to grips with technology can help rather than hinder.

“The question is whether it makes a difference to the students or not. If it does in a positive way, it is worth doing.”

Ben Moore

Ben said: “My aim is to help educators, both support and teaching staff, to work smarter not harder.  This is mainly focused around Google for Education products and tools.

“I want people to feel at ease when using technology. There are far too many that are scared of change in the tech world and they are worried about the time it will take to relearn a process or skill – even if it saves them a heap of time in the long-run.

“My goal is to help and guide these people, to show them that technology is not something to be worried about but something to try and embrace to get the best possible use from it.”

[Credit: Ben Moore]

Ben puts his expertise into practice with his role as a secondary school ICT [Information and Communications Technology] and computer science teacher, where he is passionate about reducing workload and stress while also improving productivity and creativity.

While confined to his home during the pandemic, he also launched his own business.

Ben said: “Just before we entered lockdown 1.0 in the UK, I unfortunately became very unwell in late February 2020 with severe chest pains.

“After a battle of six weeks trying to find out what was wrong, I was diagnosed with double pneumonia. I found myself at home trying to rest, which I find very difficult.

“I really find it hard sitting around not doing much, having previously worked two jobs and 60 hours a week, so I thought how can I support the teachers in my schools and further afield with increasing likelihood of a national lockdown? So, I created TrainingwithBM.”

[Credit: Ben Moore]

His project aims to inspire educators globally by exploring G Suite as an education workspace and some third party EdTech apps that complement it as a learning device.

The platform offers an array of tools; from building to-do lists, scheduling meetings, ideas on how to keep on top of tasks, and ways to help the school community collaborate.

Ben concluded “The ultimate question is whether it makes a difference to the students or not. If it does in a positive way, then it is certainly worth doing.

“I’d always been an avid user of technology, not just in the classroom but for things like live sound and lighting events, car technology and smart-home kits.”

He added: “I am always looking for ways to better improve, I set very high ambitions and goals for myself in this respect.”

To find out more, click here: TrainingwithBM.

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