Yoga is ecstasy: Get trippy with park events that connect mind and body

Yogastasy will be hitting Richmond Park on May 3

While yoga is said to be good for the soul, sometimes bending your body into strange positions can feel more like punishment than nourishment.

Yet one new class coined ‘yogastasy’ promises an experience you will never forget.

The practice is described as a dance of the spirit between mind and body, connecting you to yourself and others through the vibration of sounds and mindful movements.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, meditation yogi Kash said the activity will challenge participants both mentally and physically while also reconnecting them to the earth.

[Credit: Yogastasy]

Kash told us: “I have a music background and also I’m a yoga teacher. In the early stages of lockdown while practicing yoga with music, I had a brainstorm and from that, yogastasy was born.

“I have always seen yoga as a dance, and I thought to emerge this with music. Also, I’m obsessed with nature. So, I put them all together for outdoor yoga with music.”

His sessions, delivered in Richmond Park, promise a journey that will set you on the path to ecstasy by practicing ‘heart-openers’ as well as flexibility, strength, and balance skills.

[Credit: Yogastasy / Instagram]

The classes do this by offering a modern version of Hatha-Raja yoga, fused with the Vinyasa flow and Kundalini breathing techniques, all done with high-quality headphones that use hypnosis frequencies to take you in a deeper, meditative state and strong physical practice.

And what kind of music can you expect through those headphones?

You’ll be treated to a tasty and eclectic mix, starting with ambient sounds to induce the meditative state before delving into electronica, deep house, world music and ethnic beats then finishing with downtempo tracks and concluding with a gentle sound bath.

[Credit: Yogastasy]

Kash believes now more than ever, we need to move towards a period of mindful living.

He continued: “I love the idea of creating safe and sacred space for people so they can consciously connect to their self and the others through the vibration of the music and yoga.

“My aim is to create a hub for families and friends who have similar interests to come together in a healthy environment and connect to their heart and break free from their mind during the event.”

To keep the vibes floating after the session has finished, everyone is invited to stay for a picnic.

For event info, have a gander here: Yogastasy.

[Credit: Yogastasy]

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