The greatest advice to live your best life: Top 40 pearls of wisdom revealed  

1,000 adults were quizzed on what advice they'd give young people

A retrospective question often asked is ‘what advice would you give your younger self’?

Now, that advice has been laid out for our future generations in a top 40 list.

A poll quizzed 1,000 retired adults on their top pearls of wisdom that they would dish out, with treating others how you would like to be treated yourself coming in at number one.

Following in close second is the reminder that manners don’t cost a thing, while always trying your best nabbed the bronze medal.

[Credit: Averie Woodard / Unsplash]

Some of our favourites also include not taking anything for granted, not sweating the small stuff, and saying ‘I love you’ more.

There’s another we’d love to shout from the rooftops too, which is to appreciate your younger body, something we are all guilty of poking, punishing and criticising.

The questionnaire also discovered 67% of retirees have regrets, such as not traveling the world, worrying what other people thought of them, and not keeping physically fit.

Consequently, this hindsight trickled down into the words of wisdom they offered, with don’t take things personally and exercise more often also making it onto the list.

[Credit: Jamie Brown / Unsplash]

Chatting about the findings, a spokesperson from Voltarol, who commissioned the poll, said: “It’s been interesting to see the wisdom the older generation would pass onto the youth of today.

“Much of the insight revolves around enjoying life, respecting others, and being the best you can be, which I’m sure most would agree with.”

Touchingly, a whopping 89% of those surveyed also said despite their age, they feel young at heart.

Sound like our kinda people.

[Credit: Yarden / Unsplash]

Check out the full top 40 below:

1 Treat others how you’d like to be treated yourself

2 Manners don’t cost a thing

3 Always try your best

4 Accept a company pension scheme if offered

5 Don’t spend all your time on social media and live in the real world

6 Start saving for retirement in your twenties

7 Don’t take anything for granted

8 You don’t have to go to university for a successful career

9 Hold onto those closest to you

10 Be confident in your own skin

11 Respect your elders

12 Enjoy your youth

13 Never give up

14 Do what makes you happy

15 Family comes first

16 Don’t waste your time on jealousy

17 Don’t compare yourself to others

18 Don’t go to sleep on an argument

19 Invest in a property

20 Phone your parents every week

21 Say I love you more

22 Don’t have any regrets

23 Don’t sweat about the small stuff

24 Spend more time outside

25 Exercise more often

26 Never go to bed angry

27 Laugh more at everything

28 Be more patient

29 Be more confident

30 If you don’t ask, you don’t get

31 Don’t compare your style to others

32 Appreciate your younger body

33 Try something new

34 Don’t take things personally

35 Spend more time with children

36 Step outside your comfort zone

37 Don’t overindulge

38 Phone your grandparents every week

39 Remember the compliments you receive

40 Less is more

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