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Join the incredible food army feeding the hungry with unwanted items

Amazing team are fighting hunger, one move at a time

When you move home, there are always a few sad items that don’t make it in the box with you. Maybe old clothes, embarrassing CDs, or rollerblades you never use.

Though what about food in the fridge and cupboards that gets chucked too?

If it’s just one bag of leftovers, it can’t be that big of a deal, right? Wrong.

[Credit: Move For Hunger]

It is estimated 1.3billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year, that’s one-third of all food that is produced for human consumption. An entire 33% is going to waste!

This, coupled with the fact that the world’s farmers are said to already produce enough food to cure hunger and feed the global population, is a travesty.

In a bid to close the gap between food waste and feeding those in need, one superhero named Adam Lowy has stepped up to the plate (literally).

He noticed while working in his family business, Lowy’s Moving Service, that what every customer has in common is that they threw out a lot of stuff – including food.

[Credit: Move For Hunger / Instagram]

Whether they tossed a box stuffed with enough food to stock a pantry or just a stray can of soup, Adam always felt it was a minor tragedy that perfectly good items were going to waste.

Galvanised to focus on solutions instead of problems, he created Move For Hunger, an organisation for those in the relocation industry to reduce food waste and fight hunger.

He began by asking his customers if they had any food they would like to donate to the local food bank, and was stunned that within just one month he had collected 300lbs of food.

Overjoyed at what his one company do, he began questioning what an entire network of moving companies could do. And Move For Hunger was born.

[Credit: Move For Hunger / Instagram]

Together, Adam and his fellow comrades have accrued more than 22million pounds of produce to food banks across the United States and Canada – that’s the equivalent of 18m meals.

All customers need to do is set aside their unopened, non-perishable food items, then they will be collected and delivered to those in need. You will need to be US or Canada based to take part.

If not, you can try to contact moving services in your country to copycat the model.

Talking about their quest, Adam’s crew said they are “fighting hunger, one move at a time”.

In their mission statement, they said: “More than 50m Americans face hunger every day, including 1 in 6 children. Meanwhile, 40% of the food produced in the United States every year is wasted. Move For Hunger offers a sustainable solution to this inexcusable paradox.

“By providing people with the opportunity to donate their food when they move, we believe we can eliminate food waste during the relocation process.

“Why is that important? Because 33m Americans move every single year. If we recovered just 1lb of food from each of them, we’d be able to provide 27.5m meals to people all across the country.”

To get involved, click here: Move For Hunger.

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