Reconnect with the food you eat with this life-changing farm in a box

Farm From A Box helps you grow nutrient-rich food

We may all have aspirations to eat sustainably and grow our own food, though knowing where to start is the hard part – even with the help of Google.

So, what if we were to say you can get a ready-made farm delivered to your home?

And don’t worry, you won’t need acres of land. This farm comes in a box!

[Credit: Farm From a Box]

What is being hailed as the ‘Swiss Army knife of sustainable food’, the new aptly-named Farm From A Box is designed to help people have a unique growing experience.

This means whether you’d like it in the back garden to spruce up your home-cooking, on a school playground to connect students with healthy food and edible education, or at a farm to modernise operations, the one-of-a-kind mini ecosystem can be tailored to your needs.

Not only are individuals encouraged to choose the crops they wish to grow inside, but the box has interchangeable parts to meet the needs of different climates wherever you are in the world.

Sounds impressive, but what’s actually inside it?

[Credit: Farm From a Box]

First up, there is an easy-to-install water delivery system that promises to stabilise your fruit and veggies in sunny or dry conditions and extend the growing season as long as possible.

The box also boasts 3kW solar power efficacy, meaning it is powered by renewable energy and acts independent of grid access.

To complement this, there is a solar-powered pump and filtration system which allows different access points to water, whether you are relying on public supplies, ground wells, rivers or lakes.

In keeping with the sustainability theme, there is renewable energy storage too so you can spend more time and less dollar admiring your sprouting greens.

[Credit: Farm From a Box]

Meanwhile, the walk-in cold storage unit will keep your crops fresh and vows to reduce waste by as much as 80%.

The box also comes with wifi-connectivity so you can tinker on the web alongside Mother Nature. After all, what 21st century item would be complete without internet connection?

In addition to this, there is a Cloud-based data control which helps you track the productivity of your personalised farm remotely via a virtual dashboard while vegging on the sofa.

Similarly, there is an IoT [Internet of Things] Sensor Suite, which is a spicy way of saying sensors can provide real-time data on the entire system.

[Credit: Farm From a Box]

If this is all sounding a little high-tech for simply wanting to grow some tomatoes and carrots, the Farm From A Box crew promise this all-in-one system really is the easiest and most efficient way to start farming and produce nutrient-rich food.

Speaking about that pledge, their mission statement said: “Every person should have access to healthy, nutrient-rich food and every farmer should be able to provide for themselves and their community in a safe, environmentally-beneficial way.

“Food production is about more than just growing crops – it provides independence, opportunity, and a way to reconnect with the food we eat.”

To have a gander, click here: Farm From A Box.

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