Now that’s dope: London to legalise cannabis in major 180° shift

Health and criminal justice benefits of decriminalisation to be explored

While our friends in America have typically led the way in championing weed, it seems the UK is finally playing catch-up.

Although its decriminalisation is yet to be signed on the dotted line, it looks like London is set to do a major 180° shift and revolutionise cannabis’ reputation.

Previously, the class B drug has been dismissed as a recreational ‘stoner’ narcotic, whereas now it is being recognised for its powerful healing properties.

Not only on a mental level, whereby it calms and de-stresses the user, but it can physically relax and relieve the pain of muscle spasms in conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

[Credit: Chase Fade / Unsplash]

It is also known to reduce sickness in people having chemotherapy for cancer, while trials are taking place to test its abilities for epilepsy and appetite loss in people with HIV or AIDS.

The move looks set to come in May, should Sadiq Khan be re-elected as London mayor.

He plans to launch an independent study to explore the potential health, economic and criminal justice benefits of shifting its legal status.

[Credit: Crystalweed Cannabis / Unsplash]

Currently, cannabis remains illegal to possess, distribute, sell or grow in the UK.

The penalty for possession carries a maximum of five years in jail and/or an unlimited fine, while supply and production could mean 14 years behind bars and/or an unlimited fine.

The promising cultural shift follows in the footsteps of New York, who just legalised marijuana.

While the news is a triumph for dope enthusiasts, it also exciting for the Big Apple economy.

[Credit: Wesley Gibbs / Unsplash]

It is estimated that the legislation could create up to 60,000 jobs and generate $350million (£253m) in annual tax revenue for the state.

Speaking about the decision, Governor Andrew Cuomo said it was a progressive move that will transform the city that never sleeps.

Cuomo said: “This is a historic day that rights the wrongs of the past by putting an end to harsh prison sentences, embraces an industry that will grow the Empire State’s economy, and prioritises marginalised communities so those that have suffered the most will be first to reap the benefits.”

We recently reported on the healing powers of cannabis that are saving frontline workers from suicide, thanks to Allied Corp’s mission discovering new therapeutic strains.

While Dellene Strong, an artist who was told she had three months to live, told us that she credits cannabis with eliminating cancer from her body.

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