Cinema in the clouds: Roof-top event promises films and fizz galore

London bar opens its doors on Monday!

If the spring weather has awakened your excitement for summer freedom, then you’ll be like a puppy with a bone when you hear about London’s new roof-top cinema.

The movie extravaganza, calling itself a cinema in the clouds, is inviting you to lap up the sunshine (or sunset) while kicking back to one of their iconic films.

Hosted by the party people over at Bar Elba, just a stone’s throw from Waterloo station, they are promising an array of cult classics while swapping pick ‘n’ mix for fizz.

[Credit: Bar Elba]

Guaranteed to lift the lockdown blues, the cocktail bar crew have selected a rainbow of rom-coms, indie flicks, and all-time favourites, kicking off with Black Panther when they open on Monday.

Their April schedule also offers the likes of Mean Girls, The Hangover, Dirty Dancing, Back to the Future, Shaun of the Dead, and Scream.

Meanwhile, moving into May, you can expect Mamma Mia, Cruel Intentions, Grease, Pulp Fiction, American Pie, and Clueless.

Having also released listings for June, July and August, there are plenty of dates to get involved with if you can’t take time off work just yet.

[Credit: Bar Elba]

The movies will be shown on a huge projector screen, with everyone getting their very own set of headphones so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Guests can choose from viewing times of 2pm, 7pm or 8.15pm, with a variety of prices on offer.

We’d be fibbing if we said the premium ticket hadn’t caught our eye – which includes 90 minutes of unlimited wine, beer or Prosecco, popcorn and a bag of sweets.

To grab your front row beanbag, click here: Bar Elba.

[Credit: Bar Elba]

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