These two rescue dogs are living their best life on tour around Europe

Meet Finn and Yuri who were saved by their owner

When you think of BFFs on a road trip with the wind flying through their hair, you might imagine you and your bestie or a power duo like Thelma and Louise.

Though what if we were to tell you that two pooches are proving they have just as much sass as humans do when it comes to living their best life on the road.

Meet Finn and Yuri, a pair of rescue dogs who have gone from rags to riches after their owner saved them from being put down in a shelter.

[Credit: Anne Geier / Instagram]

They now travel across Europe with photographer Anne Geier, accompanying her to picturesque hotspots in her camper van to pose up a storm for their Insta army.

Their latest adventure took the trio to Norway, where they toured the mountains, having already ticked South Tirol, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany off their bucket-list.

While the animals may be joined at the hip, they also have their own unique personalities.

[Credit: Anne Geier / Instagram]

Finn – a Fox-Terrier and Labrador cross – is said to love cuddles, be a natural in front of the camera, and his calm nature makes him the most good-natured dog you will ever meet.

Meanwhile, Yuri – an Australian cattle dog/Border Collie cross – is very communicative and has a gift for imitating everything from the twittering of birds to the sounds of dolphins.

Speaking about her furry friends, Anne credits them with igniting her creativity and revealed it was through having her first dog that she became an animal photographer in 2014.

[Credit: Anne Geier / Instagram]

Anne, who lives in Austria, said: “I am an absolute dog lover and a family person. Shared experiences with my favourite people and dogs are my top priority.

“Finn is the dog you want by your side. Finn is my inspiration. Finn is the one who would do anything for me. He is just something very special.

“Yuri is the adventure, the free bird, who shows you every day that life is carefree and beautiful. He is the little whirlwind and the semi-ordered chaos in my life. I’m glad he’s just the way he is.”

Okay, now we want one too.

To see more stunning pics, click here: Anne Geier.

[Credit: Anne Geier / Instagram]

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