Join the kindness revolution: Now you can be the change you want to see  

Take part in festival on World Kindness Day

They say that kindness costs nothing, so sprinkle that shiz everywhere.

And that’s exactly what one army of altruists is doing to prove that an act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

Please put your hands together for Teamkind, a community interest company led by volunteers who believe that kindness can change the world.

Not only do they promote kindness, they’re pretty damn good at celebrating it too, by hosting festivals in its honour to spread the love.

[Credit: Teamkind]

Having launched last September, the team are in their embryonic stage, yet already have a big voice and are currently hatching plans for #Kindfest2021 in November.

“We aren’t superheroes, but kindness is definitely a superpower.”

Susie Hills, Teamkind founder

The festival, set to take place on World Kindness Day, promises a host of brilliant speakers all sharing their ideas about how kindness can create a more hopeful and resilient world.

There will also be the Global Kindness Awards for people who have done outstanding work.

The brainchild of Susie Hills, who works in management consultancy for non-profits who strive to make the world a better place, she decided to kickstart the movement when at the hospital with her father – just eight weeks before their debut event in 2020.

[Credit: Susie Hills]

Speaking about her mission, Susie said: “Anyone can join Teamkind, we are just a network of people who want the world to be kinder.

“We aren’t superheroes, but kindness is definitely a superpower.”

In a blog penned during lockdown, Susie also revealed why she believes the virtue of kindness can not only connect people but also better us as individuals.

Susie wrote: “Kindness is built into our DNA; it’s what helped us to thrive as a species and build complex societies. Kindness frees us from self-involvement and lets us feel part of something larger. If we are connected in this way we stay healthier and we take care of those around us.

“Kindness creates a safe and trusting environment. This invokes the brain’s higher capacity for social engagement, innovation, creativity, and ambition. Kindness helps us find innovative solutions to the problems we face. Kindness appears in all faiths and all languages.”

[Credit: Teamkind]

The Teamkind manifesto is simple with five steps championing the path to kindness; stop rushing, listen to hear not to speak, repeat yourself, be honest, and question, ‘what is the kind thing to do?’

While the line-up for this year is yet to be announced, last year gave a platform to the fantastic Jo Cox Foundation who work towards building a positive legacy for the late MP.

Teamkind member Clare Ruby told us that their ultimate aim is for “people to recognise the value of kindness to themselves and to others” and “to harness its benefits”.

In a world where you can never know what someone else is going through, a random act of kindness really could be a rainbow to someone’s cloud.  

For more info, click here: Teamkind.

[Credit: Teamkind]

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