From surviving to thriving: How to cure pain with your backyard plants

Discover how Mother Nature can be your doctor

While the belief that an apple a day keeps the doctor away may be a little ambitious, having access to an abundance of natural remedies might just do the trick.

More than 800 recipes to be precise!

What can only be described as the bible for medicinal plants, a new book reveals the powers that grow around your house to help pave the stepping stones for your wellness journey.

[Credit: Dr Nicole Apelian]

Typically, we are told that yoga and meditation do wonders for the mind and body, yet we are left in the dark about what Mother Nature can gift us.

Now, herbalist and biologist extraordinaire Dr Nicole Apelian is sharing her knowledge in The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, on a mission to make health affordable and fun.

Tapping into a deep connection with nature and gratitude practices, Nicole uses first-hand experience of making her own salves, syrups, infused oils, and other herbal remedies.

There are lotions and potions galore, including tips on the plant that boosts your energy and relieves foot pain just from wearing it inside your shoes, as well as the berries that reduce inflammation which can help men manage the prostate that typically inflames with age.

[Credit: Dr Nicole Apelian]

Having experienced her own unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis [a disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information between the brain and body] in 2000, Nicole was determined to research every possible route towards her own wellness. 

Fast-forward to today, having used her own remedies and developed a healthy living strategy, Nicole has gone from bedridden to fully restoring her lost vitality.

Other tasters of what you can expect to find in her book include the backyard weed that many of us pull out and dispose of, when in fact it contains a milky substance called lactucarium which acts directly on the central nervous system to lessen the feeling of pain.

There is also a look behind the magician’s curtain of what happens when you pour salt into a cabbage; the end result being fermentation (known as sauerkraut), which is full of probiotics that protect your digestive tract and regulate bowel movements.        

[Credit: Dr Nicole Apelian]

In addition to her personal research, Nicole also spent years living in nature with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, one of the last indigenous peoples who still live as hunter-gatherers. It was here that she learned many of the remedies and skills she practices today. 

As well as her foraging bible, Nicole holds also hosts survival workshops in the wilderness where she coaches people to be more self-sufficient using plants for food and remedies.

Where do we sign up?!

For more info, click here: The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.


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