The best food you’ll eat this summer for lockdown reunions with your BFF

Get yourself to Southbank Centre in London from April 30

There are few places in London that conjure the magic of the city like Southbank does.

Rich with theatre, exhibitions, and festivals, it has an infectious buzz that lifts your spirits. And that’s before you’ve even tried the food and drink on offer.

So, it’s time to say goodbye lockdown and hello spring, as Southbank Centre’s riverside food market reopens this month with a delicious array of treats for your long overdue reunions.

[Credit: Southbank Centre]

With spatulas at the ready, traders will be relighting their grills from April 30.

And when we say there is a little something for everyone, we really mean it.

For the carnivores amongst you, you can choose from Street Pig BBQ, famed for their signature glazed baby-back ribs; 20 Well Hung who vow to fill your belly with heritage breed meats; and Woodwards Farm who go the extra mile to make their burgers the finest in town.

If you prefer something a little multicultural, then take your pick from PAD + SEN with the finest pad thai dish outside of Thailand; Kanji who are a magnet for the katsu curry lovers; and Korrito who offer authentic Korean BBQ in burritos, rice bowls or salad boxes.

[Credit: Southbank Centre]

There are also Mediterranean flavours galore, as well as delicacies inspired by Ethiopia, Poland, Mauritius, and Punjab, as you nosh while taking in the sights across the Thames.

Of course, no reputable food market would be complete without a few sweet tooth gems.

You’ll find these courtesy of Galeta, with their patisseries and delectable-sounding salted caramel brownies; Choco Fruit who drizzle nature’s finest in melted Belgian chocolate; and Crêpes à la Carte where you can nab a traditional French crêpe drenched in Nutella.

Once upon a time, Camden Town was the leader of street food markets, yet Southbank’s offerings really do sweep in to take the gold medal.

For more info, click here: Southbank Centre Food Market.

[Credit: Southbank Centre]


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