Why vending machines are changing forever to help you live your best life

Healthy Nibbles are revolutionising snacking culture

Consider this, going into MaccyDs to buy a McChicken sandwich meal only to be greeted by branding boards about how fast food is bad for you.

Sounds like a comedy sketch, right?!

Something very similar happened to one woman when she visited her father’s hospital bedside and wandered to the vending machine at 3am as it was the only food available.

[Credit: Healthy Nibbles]

As she collected her change together to buy a snack, she noticed a poster on the wall emblazoned with, ‘Diabetes and obesity kill’.

This messaging was in direct contrast with the typical selection of crisps, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks that the machine had to offer.

Frustrated by this juxtaposition, Sara Roberts felt galvanised to do something and began hatching plans to make real change. And so, Healthy Nibbles was born.

As the name suggests, Sara’s quest is to revolutionise the snack industry to help people access food that is not only good for them but also energises them while away from home.  

[Credit: Sara Roberts]

In addition to targeting vending machines, the company also delivers health products to offices to boost vitality at work for employee wellbeing.

Far from stocking rabbit food though, they offer a delicious and diverse range of goodies; from cookies to popcorn to healthy crisps.

There is also chocolate galore (free from refined sugars, of course), alongside seeds, nuts and biltong – a dried cured meat that originates from South African countries.

Chatting about her concept, Sara explained the need for healthy nibbles is clear and simple, yet urgent, due to rising levels of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

[Credit: Healthy Nibbles]

In her mission statement, she said: “Businesses are losing 97million work days annually due to poor diet. The NHS is at breaking point. The time for preventative healthcare is now.

“Healthy Nibbles are committed to enabling healthier choices, providing an opportunity for people to make positive lifestyle choices beginning with their health.”

She added: “Our goal is to help companies and organisations improve their culture, pioneer new workplace wellness ideas thereby increasing health, happiness and productivity.”

While Healthy Nibbles don’t create new food products, they have over 400 healthy snacks on their roster – all free from hydrogenated fats, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners – and these make up their product range.

The organisation also prides itself on being sustainable, as they work towards a healthier environment going plastic free and using 100% recyclable materials.

To get involved, click here: Healthy Nibbles.

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