A cheese lover’s dream! You will be VERY fond-ue of this new boat

The Cheese Barge in London opens on May 20

All you dairy fans out there will be happ-brie to hear about a new boat that sells nothing but cheese.

Okay, enough of the puns. But seriously, if you can tell your Cheddar from your Stilton and your Feta from your Oka, then add The Cheese Barge to your post-lockdown outings list.

While its name may give the game away, you can expect a 96ft double-decker vessel moored on The Regent’s Canal in London decked out with a decadent feast of cheese.

[Credit: The Cheese Barge]

A sister venue to The Cheese Bar in Camden and The Cheese Truck in Paddington, this restaurant boasts a main dining room with a seasonal cheese-focused menu, while the roof terrace promises an array of snacks and drinks as you’re invited to check out the sunny views.

And we’re not just talking your standard supermarket choices, you can expect delicacies from a whole half kilo of baked Baron Bigod to lamb scrumpets with fresh goats’ curd.

Alongside these dishes fit for any foodie enthusiast, prepare also for prunes stuffed with stilton wrapped in bacon; Aligot [cheese blended into mash potatoes] served with fennel and red wine sausages; and fried Quicke’s cheddar curds, curried and tossed in chilli honey.

There are cheese plates with innovative booze pairings from small producer wines too.

[Credit: The Cheese Barge]

Chatting about the new unveiling, which takes place on May 20, the crew say they can’t wait to fling their doors open after jumping through hoops ahead of launch.

They said: “We’re getting stupidly excited about the prospect of finally getting the doors open to our new restaurant. ⁠

⁠“Two years in the making, delayed by a global pandemic, boat building dramas, boat sinking dramas, and just about every other thinkable and unthinkable delay possible.

“It’s looking beautiful and we’re ready to welcome you aboard… AHOY!⁠”

We know it’s cheesy, but it all sounds grate!

To book your spot, click here: The Cheese Barge.

[Credit: The Cheese Barge]

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