Leave your past where it belongs: Discover the secrets of moving on

Jordin James will open your eyes to self-love

If we were to ask how you think you could achieve peace, what might you say? Perhaps from ‘fixing’ yourself or ‘taming’ yourself?

What if we were to tell you the exact opposite is true, that peace comes from living your wildest adventures and untamed dreams.

This is exactly what life coach Jordin James is on a mission to prove as she helps people see that they hold the power to bring peace to their internal wars.

She does this by guiding clients through the nitty-gritty of their past – in what Jordin describes as ‘entering into your inner world with you’ – to help them move forward.

[Credit: Jordin James]

In particular, she works with trauma survivors of narcissistic abuse and assists them to transition so they can finally experience real self-love, joy, and live the life they choose.

We caught up with Jordin, based in Portland, Oregon, who told us about the work she does and why she feels so passionate about creating profound change in her clients.

Jordin said: “Narcissistic abuse deeply embeds limiting beliefs in our psyches that just aren’t true. It can all be untwisted though.

“I want people to feel their worthiness. I want people to feel like it is possible for them to be deeply fulfilled by life, that there is a path forward and that they don’t have to do it alone.”

Narcissistic abuse is described as the psychological, financial, sexual, or physical abuse by someone with narcissistic traits or suffering from narcissistic personality disorder [NPD].

NPD itself is characterised by patterns of self-importance, an excessive craving for admiration, and struggles with empathy which leads to delusions of grandeur.

[Credit: Jordin James]

It was only after quitting her engineering job in 2018, which coincided with the end of her marriage, that Jordin realised she had been doing more harm than good by soldiering on.

Jordin said: “All our forging ahead leads us straight into a life we never wanted in the first place. We’re left asking ourselves, ‘Is there hope? Where did I go wrong? Is it too late to be happy?’

“These are the questions we’re left with when the positive affirmations and bubble baths stop working, when the success we crave turns out to be just as hollow as everything else we’ve used to self-medicate, and when all our clever skills that got us here aren’t enough to get us there.

“So, at some point, instead of ‘forging ahead’ we must turn around, outstretch our arms, and fumble our way forward through our inner dark.”

She added: “This is where we find the parts of ourselves we’ve abandoned. This is where we discover what we really want and how to finally get it. This is the road to happiness.”

[Credit: Jordin James]

Now, Jordin dedicates her life to helping others fumble through the dark to find their own road, proudly leading clients towards a journey of self-love for the first time.

She concluded: “They are experiencing joy and peace that they didn’t know was even possible, they are becoming grounded in their identity.

“They are learning a helpful way to communicate with their inner world where before it was only chaos. It has been absolutely magical to witness.”

For a free coaching consultation, click here: Jordin James.

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