Improve your home forever: Beautiful ‘smartflower’ creates clean energy

Teaching kids about renewable energy has never been simpler

In a world of smart gadgets galore, whether our phones, home security, or household appliances, we’ve just stumbled across our favourite so far.

Say hello to the Smartflower; which is not only convenient for your home or car to power-up your devices, it can also help save the planet as it creates clean energy.

Just as you might have solar panels on the roof of a building, that use sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity, the Smartflower acts in much the same way.

[Credit: Smartflower]

Only this time, the Smartflower is on a mission to prove that solar can be beautiful with its quirky aesthetics that resemble a large flower.

Better yet, its actual movements mimic a sunflower, whereby the flower has an internal body clock to open and close as it detects sunlight that provides it with optimal energy to grow.

Similarly, the Smartflower moves throughout the day, opening and closing as it interacts with light and shadow to produce sustainable energy.

It does this thanks to its advanced robotics and ability to intelligently track the sun, making up to 40% more energy than traditional stationary solar panels.

Then, every day at sunset, the Smartflower folds up and cleans itself to maintain peak utilisation.

[Credit: Smartflower]

The impressive creation is being hailed as the perfect device to inspire future generations on renewable energy, illustrating how Mother Nature is the OG of electricity.

Over in Dover, Massachusetts, where the first residential Smartflower was installed in 2017, parents Jake and Elizabeth Grossman say it is an incredible educational tool for their kids.

Speaking about their decision to power their home in an alternative and contemporary way, Jake said it was a happy accident after deciding that solar panels would not suit the look of their very traditional colonial house – meaning they opted for the Smartflower instead.

[Credit: Smartflower]

Jake said: “It looks cool in our garden and is extremely efficient. It serves as a constant reminder that we’re here temporarily. We must do right by future generations and take care of the planet.

“We want our kids to learn this lesson in lots of different ways. The Smartflower is one piece of a larger puzzle of caring for the earth and we hope it has a positive impact on our kids.”

He added: “It’s such an innovative product. It’s like what the iPhone was for phones. There are lots of solar arrays out there, but the Smartflower combines aesthetics, innovation, and energy production so effectively. There’s nothing quite like it.”

For more info, click here: Smartflower.

[Credit: Smartflower]

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