Pink supermoon to light up the sky on April 26 with majestic display

Rare opportunity to see the moon at its closest point to earth

Start scribbling April 26 in your diary as what sounds like a scene from a fantasy film, a pink supermoon is set to light up the sky tomorrow.

The full supermoon will not only cast a beautiful hue across the heavens, it will also appear bigger and brighter than a regular full moon due to its proximity to Earth.

On any regular day while looking up and pondering the meaning of life, the moon measures 384,400 km from our planet, whereas the full moon occurs less than 360,000 km away.

[Credit: Supritha Jonnavitulla / Unsplash]

If Monday evening is the one night you happen to be washing your hair, don’t fret, you should still be able to view the moon two or three days before and after that date.

It is also said the pink moon will hit peak illumination on the morning of April 27 in the UK.

This is because the best time to enjoy a supermoon is just after moonrise or just before moonset, when the moon is low and close to the horizon as it can be seen in all its glory.

[Credit: Adi Ulici / Unsplash]

Speaking about the upcoming event, Sarah Jane Brown, an expert from, shed a little light on how the pink moon represents spiritual significance too.

Sarah said: “This pink supermoon in Virgo gained its name through a spiritual connection made by the Native Americans between this moon and the phlox flower, which is a distinct shade of pink and blooms around the same time of year as this full moon in April.

“The phlox, Greek for flame or light, represents harmony and fertility, much like the moon.”

[Credit: Phlox plant / Shutterstock]

She continued: “Spiritually, if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, this pink supermoon signifies fertility, change, new growth, and adaptability, which are major themes in spring.

“If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, it signifies looking inwards during the cold winter months and releasing any external burdens that have held you down.”

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled, and have your camera at the ready.

To help you get the perfect shot, you can check the moonrise and moonset times of your specific location by clicking here: Pink Supermoon.


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