Need a wellbeing quick fix? How the humble herb can help you heal

Discover the secrets that lie within your own backyard

We all know the importance of nurturing our relationships with family, partners, and friends. Though what about our relationship with plants?

As we move towards a more sustainable world, embracing what Mother Nature has to offer is the perfect marriage between promoting personal and planetary health.

To honour this, we need to understand the ability that plants have to nourish and heal us.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Better yet, you don’t need a degree in botany as herbal guru Amanda David is here to help.

Using her expertise in plant power, she now guides others through her organisation Rootwork Herbals that is devoted to the love, work, and play of the humble herb.

She does this by delivering herbal education courses, mish-mashing hands-on learning with online modules that lead participants to complete a fully certificated course.

If that is a commitment too far, Amanda also offers virtual health consultations, delving into personalised wellbeing to create plant medicine remedies that suit your bespoke needs.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Then there is her apothecary shop too, for which she grows local herbs and lovingly harvests them to achieve peak potency for a variety of natural handcrafted remedies.

The mum-of-three’s approach to herbalism is inspired by her ancestors, building intimate relationships with the plants that grow nearby in order to create herbal medicine.

While herbal medicine may sound like part of the wellness revolution, archaeological evidence actually points to its use in the Paleolithic age, approximately 60,000 years ago.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Speaking about her work, Amanda said: “Rootwork Herbals has evolved organically within herbalism to build mutually beneficial relationships between people, plants, and planet.

“The quality of our products is deeply rooted in the plants and our relationship to them. We devotedly grow and wildcraft herbs so that we can guarantee their freshness and vitality.”

She continued: “We gather our herbs at the peak of potency, closely following the plant’s life cycle, as well as seasonal rhythms.”

Once harvested, they immediately begin the medicine making process so that the plant’s energy is not lost, with any additional herbs required purchased from certified organic growers.

At the heart of the project is sustainability, using local plants rather than distant or rare ones.

[Credit: Rootwork Herbals]

Amanda’s philosophy mirrors that of Dr Nicole Apelian, who we recently reported on.

The herbalist and biologist extraordinaire is on a mission to make health affordable and fun, sharing her knowledge in The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

Otherwise known as the plant bible, her book explores the natural healing properties of the very things that are growing in our own backyards without us even knowing.

For more info on Amanda, click here: Rootwork Herbals.

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