Be right back: We’re under construction for a makeover

Thank you to everyone for your support

They say what defines us is how well we rise after falling, and we’re doing our best to bounce back as it feels like we’ve got pretty grazed knees right now.

Some of you may know we have been busy behind the scenes working on a rebrand… yet things didn’t quite go as expected.

We kicked off by changing our name to align more with how we have grown over the last year, including a new logo, colour palette, and website makeover to match.

Itching to share it with you, we planned to boom into this week with our new site and social media handles too to complete the look.

What we didn’t predict, was that this last step would be the hurdle we fell at with a splat.

Unbeknown to us, Instagram and Facebook make it really tricky to change your profile name, leaving us with mismatched Uspire Life and InspoDaily branding across the web.

For full transparency, we have appealed eight times to Facebook to try and change the name ­– each time we have been refused.

It might sound small, though the frustrations are immense as it’s meant a glitch in the matrix for a smooth rebrand when all we want to focus on is spreading positive news.

We are gutted, as over the last year you guys have championed us beyond what we dreamed we could achieve in 12 months, with nearly 2,000 supporters on Facebook.

But now, we have to begin all over again.

That said, it’s onwards and upwards. Giving up is not an option for us.

We will have to start from scratch with zero followers, launching a new Facebook page with the correct name to share our stories to brighten up timelines and raise a smile for readers.

As we wait for everything to align, if you like what we do, we would be so grateful if you could give us a little follow on our new page to help support us: InspoDaily.

Love and gratitude, the InspoDaily team xx

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