How eating this burger can help save lives for volcano victims

Huge eruptions in the Caribbean have left people without homes

This insane-looking creation needs little sell from us to make the carnivores out there salivate with excitement.

Boasting crispy buttermilk fried chicken, a chicken fat pressed potato, chicken gravy mayo, and Red Stripe beer onions, this burger really does have it all.

Better yet, by sinking your teeth into one, you will be doing your bit to help save the lives of volcano victims who desperately need your help.

The brainchild of chef James Cochran, he has launched a new fundraiser in which every penny received from the sales of the burger will go to aid relief for the natural disaster.

[Credit: Around The Cluck]

The topic is close to James’ heart as the eruptions on the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent, which have resulted in mass evacuations and destruction, is his mother’s birthplace.

Opening up the tragedy, James said he is reaching out to foodies “with a heavy heart” after the La Soufrière volcano spewed a cloud of ash and smoke six miles high on April 9.

James said: “Several further volcanic eruptions followed throwing the island into turmoil, contaminating the water supply and forcing people to flee their homes.

“For those of you who know me, you’ll likely know the island and its people mean everything to me.

“My mum was from St Vincent and the Grenadines. It holds a unique place in my heart and its culture and heritage has helped shape the man I am today.”

[Credit: James Cochran]

He continued: “Growing up in a small seaside town, Whitstable, there wasn’t much of a black or Afro-Caribbean crowd. My mum thought it was integral for me to understand my roots, so from the age of seven we would go to visit every other year.

“I’m privileged and blessed to think of St Vincent as my second home. It holds so many happy memories for me of the island itself and of my mum, who is sadly, no longer with us.”

While his mother has passed away, James still has relatives in the disaster zone, and desperately wants to help his four great-uncles, four great-aunties, and numerous cousins, along with their neighbours, who have taken him under their wing in times of need.

The locals are in urgent need of relief as they are not only being forced to flee from their homes, they also have no clean drinking water, while food and basic essentials are running low.

[Credit: James Cochran]

As well as donating proceeds from his burger sales, James is also calling upon all UK restaurants to donate £1 from every bottle of wine sold until his own restaurant 12:51 reopens on May 18 – when he will take over and vows to match the amount raised.

So, how do you get your hands on one of these heavenly creations?

You will have to be a London resident, or take a visit to the capital, and grab the culinary delight via takeaway or delivery, by simply clicking here: Around The Cluck.

James’ fried chicken venture, Around The Cluck, was born during lockdown when he took the signature dish from his restaurant 12:51 and gave it its own show.

Around The Cluck will even be taking over from 12:51 when restaurants reopen as James says he can’t do the current menu justice while honouring social distancing.

If you want to help, but can’t access the city (or are vegan!), you can donate here: James Cochran.

[Credit: James Cochran]


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