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Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter spearheads ‘Be Love’ movement

Incredible legacy of civil rights activist lives on

In a world so ravished by conflict, we often wonder what can be done to resolve it.

Yet the answer is simple. Change is rooted in love.

Bernice King, the youngest child of Martin Luther King Jr, is doing just this by spearheading the Be Love movement where they put the L-word front and centre.

It’s not just free hugs, they strive to help society heal and spark a revolution for humanity amid the immense uncertainty and global tension of the past year.

[Credit: Be Love]

Bernice is tapping into her position as CEO at The King Center to drive her mission, an organisation which her mother Coretta Scott King founded.

Coretta, also a fierce advocate for African-American equality, started the non-profit in 1968 in the basement of her home following the assassination of her husband.

The centre prides itself on creating a more humane and peaceful world using Dr King’s non-violent philosophy and methodology.

Now, the Be Love campaign adds further weight to their message, grounded in the iconic words of Luther King Jr, who spoke passionately about the power of love.

Perhaps his most famous quote, the hero once professed: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

[Credit: Bernice King]

Now, as his daughter honours his teachings in the present day, Bernice is calling on supporters to join the movement and vow to ‘be love’.

People from across the world are being encouraged to sign up and take the pledge, which acknowledges three primary affirmations.

Firstly, that violence, oppression, inequity, injustice, and hate has to stop.

Secondly, that as individuals we have a responsibility and role to play in creating social change for a more just, humane, equitable, and peaceful world.

And thirdly, that the decision to do nothing in this moment or to have the courage to stand up for justice, lies at the heart of everything we do.

[Credit: Be Love]

The pledge then invites people to allow love to drive thoughts, words, decisions, and actions, as well as call for society to focus on defeating injustice and promoting unity.

The agreement also states: “I pledge to demonstrate a life of courage, care, and compassion as I boldly confront anything that stands in opposition to love.

“By signing this pledge, I’m helping to create what Dr Martin Luther King Jr called The Beloved Community.”

In addition to signing the pledge, there is a whole host of activities on offer for people to get involved with, from virtual training to community talks to volunteering.

[Credit: Be Love]

A participant of the Be Love virtual series championed the sessions, saying they “allow you to think outside the box”.

The testimonial also declared that the strategise explored delve into new and inventive ways of problem-solving “without the use of hate, violence, and mayhem”.

They added: “This series offers peaceful and effective methods for attaining your goals… it allows you to be the change you want to see.”

Be right back, we’re just off to pledge.

To make your pledge too, click here: Be Love.

[Credit: Be Love]


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