‘It’s hurting girls’ self-esteem’ Toxic selfie culture targeted in new Dove ad

Enough is enough as 'reverse selfie' campaign calls for change

While we are all savvy about Photoshop and that the majority, if not all, images that make up the wallpaper of our world are false, many of us are still slaves to filters.

Whether we think they make us ‘look better’ or we feel pressure to keep up with our peers, it often feels difficult to abstain in an era where everyone else is doing it.

Yet this is having a hugely detrimental effect on our self-esteem, with a whopping 80% of girls distorting the way they look online by the tender age of 13.

Along with their peers, if we as adults do it too, this message perpetuates the idea that none of us are good enough as we are.

Making a stand, Dove have created a haunting ‘reverse selfie’ campaign to shine a light on the efforts a child goes to in order to project a different version of themselves online.

In their video, a young girl is seen posting a highly-edited photograph that aligns with our current narrow beauty paradigm of voluminous hair, big lips and a petite nose.

[Credit: Dove]

Immediately, she starts receiving positive likes and comments, including one that gushes, ‘OMG you look amazing!!!’

However, the story then stops and takes the viewer back in time as we see all the preparation that went into the image before being uploaded – including the girl altering her features on a ‘photo fix’ app in which she makes her eyes bigger, erases skin blemishes, and changes her chin shape.

As the footage comes to a close, we then see the girl in her pre-selfie state, looking sad.

[Credit: Dove]

It closes with the statement: “The pressure of social media is harming our girls’ self-esteem. More screen time during the pandemic has made things worse. Have the selfie talk today.”

The powerful campaign is a stark reminder that we’ve barely scratched the surface on improving the mental health and body image of future generations.

Next time you post a selfie, will you take the stand and do so filter-less?

If it inspires just one person to feel comfy in the skin they’re in, surely it is worth it.

[Credit: Dove]


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