Shaking what their mamas gave them! Stars strip for Naked Gardening Day

James Bustar has created another side-splitting lockdown spoof

Whether you’re a green-fingered whiz who can rival Gardeners’ World presenter Monty Don or struggle to keep a house plant alive, you’ve probably dabbled with horticulture. Though what about naked gardening?

Yep, you read that correctly. It’s a thing!

On the first Saturday of May, the annual World Naked Gardening Day takes place across the world to celebrate weeding and planting while in the buff.

Seizing the opportunity to commemorate this nude-worthy event, comedian James Bustar got to work with his pals in the entertainment industry, who are still committed to making people laugh as we limp slowly forward on the roadmap out of lockdown.

The video kicks off with giggles galore and innuendos aplenty, as James rocks his birthday suit for a date with Mother Nature.

Chatting to the camera, James says: “It’s World Naked Gardening Day today, so I thought I would show you my tool, oh, and that’s my bush. I’ve also got a big hose, but I’m not getting that out.”

[Credit: James Bustar]

The action then cuts to James holding a pair of shears and let’s just say what happens next, or at least what’s implied next, isn’t for the squeamish.

“It showcases exactly why entertainers are important during this crisis.”

James Bustar, comedian

Next up, we see one of James’ gal pals, who is starkers but for a citrus fruit ‘bra’.

Like a 21st century Eve in her Garden of Eden, she protects her modesty as the voiceover cheekily narrates: “When life gives you lemons, turn them into melons.”

[Credit: James Bustar]
[Credit: James Bustar]

The action is swiftly followed by a sequence of titillation, with booties and boobies in abundance alongside jokes about overgrown lady gardens and how it’s best to keep them trimmed.

Lols aside, the last 13 months have been a devastating blow to the entertainment industry as venues closed their doors when the pandemic gripped the world in March 2020.

Not only did comedians lose live shows, but also income from workshops, festivals, teaching, and other financial revenues too.

[Credit: James Bustar]
[Credit: James Bustar]

Speaking about his thirst to still create during one of the bleakest times for comedy, James said it is to remind people of the value that entertainers bring.

James told us: “Over the year, we have created a series of collaboration videos based around the fact that entertainers have been stripped bare of gigs and have nothing on.

“It showcases exactly why entertainers ARE important during this crisis.”

If you haven’t already heard of James, he has been hailed as one of the ‘most hilarious, grab-your-stomach-in-laughter’ entertainers, who also reached the finals of Australia’s Got Talent.

To lighten up your timeline, click here: James Bustar.

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