Clink clink! Tasty new ‘Generation Ale’ to help isolated people connect

Generation Pale Ale is the new drink straight outta Brixton

Sherry is usually the stereotypical tipple we assume older generations love.

Yet that is all about to change, as our OAPs are turning hipster in the 21st century.

Giving the Aperol Spritz and Espresso Martini a run for their money, Brixton Brewery are launching a new drink on a mission to bring people together regardless of age.

Introducing their new IPA, Generation Pale Ale comes in a vibrant can with trendy packaging featuring a shopping trolley-boom box combo for kick-ass grandmas and granddads.

[Credit: Brixton Brewery]

Not only will the beverage close the generation gap on the dancefloor, it will also support Age UK Lambeth with all proceeds going towards boosting the charity’s services.

Over lockdown, the organisation saw a huge surge in people accessing support, from 21,000 to 70,000 people – a growth of 233%.

Now, donations from the limited-edition brew will help fund schemes for the over-60s that enable them to connect with their community, such as Zumba, poetry and sing-a-longs.

[Credit: Brixton Brewery]

In addition to this, the charity also offer a MYneighbour service, which pairs isolated older people with local volunteer helpers.

Speaking about the venture, CEO of Age UK Lambeth, Graham Gardiner, said he was thrilled to join forces with Brixton Brewery and hopes others around the UK will feel inspired.

Graham said: “It is not every day we get asked if we would like to help create a new beer.”

[Credit: Brixton Brewery]

He continued: “We hope beer lovers fall in love with Generation Pale Ale and the wider campaign inspires more people to reach out to their elderly locals. There’s a wonderful story in everyone.”

So, as it says on the can: ring your gran, make a plan and let’s party like it’s 2019!

To purchase Generation Pale Ale, click here: Brixton Brewery.

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